Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Internal Medicine №3


Responsible for educational activities at the department: assistant of the Department of Internal Medicine №3, Assistant professor Sokolova Larysa Ivanivna

(contacts: +380636445791)


For many years the staff of the Department of Internal Medicine №3 has been working to educate a young doctor on the basis of humanity, charity and other moral and ethical standards.

Under the guidance of the assistant professor of the department Tarchenko Inna Petrivna, students are delighted to explore the little-known pages of the history of Ukraine, Ukrainian medicine and its leaders. (“Yanovsky in memory of contemporaries”, “Remembrance evening dedicated to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred”, “The heroes of Kruty do not die”, “Meeting on Taras Hill in Kaniv”, “Chyhyryn, the city with a great history”, the event dedicated to the memory of the Voyno-Yasenetsky, (St. Luke). “St. Mykola, the guard of Sviatoshynskyi district” etc.

The photo exhibition “Winter Landscapes”, which featured photographs of Ukrainian landscapes taken by students, was held in the Pulmonology Department.

An important aspect of a doctor’s work is a preventative work. Teachers of the department try to convey to students the importance of this aspect of activity. Every year, the activities dedicated to World COPD Day, World Diabetes Day, World Obesity Day and others are organized. At these events, students study and provide the information about ways to prevent disease to patients. Conversations are held in the wards of offices, information is distributed in the form of booklets and posters, which are displayed.

For six years, the department has hosted a student scientific and practical conference dedicated to the World COPD Day and the World No Tobacco Day, where students share information about important aspects of the disease, the harmfulness of all types of smoking as a major etiological factor of the COPD habits. At the conference, students report on their research on this topic.

The extremely interesting events where foreign students share information with Ukrainian students about their countries take place (for example, “Medicine and education in Turkmenistan”).