Department of Internal Medicine №1


Responsible for the scientific activity of the department – Assistant Professor Rudenko Mykola, Assistant Baylo Alina. Since 2018, the department has been conducting a planned research work on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of organs of the gastrointestinal tract in conditions of comorbidity. Topic of research work is “Optimization of diagnostics and treatment of digestive system organs in conditions of comorbidity”. Priority areas of work are:

– the study of the prevalence of common gastrointestinal diseases in patients with cardiovascular, endocrine, hematologic, nephrological diseases;

– investigation of gut microbiome for the development of methods of correction of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, control of cardiovascular risk in patientswith type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome,

– study of genetic polymorphism in patients with metabolic syndrome and obesity, development of personalized models of dietary nutrition.

– development of modern effective tests for the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes based on the study of ceramides

– study of topical issues of diagnostics and treatment of coagulopathies in cirrhosis of the liver in conditions of comorbid cardiovascular pathology

– methods of endoscopic treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The department is working on the implementation in practice of non-invasive methods of diagnosis of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (C13-respiratory tests, hydrogen tests), new personalized approaches to the prevention and treatment of obesity and metabolic syndrome.

All staff of the department is engaged in research work. In addition to the ongoing implementation of the planned research work, initiative researches are being conducted, the dissertations are being defended all the time. Every year the department conducts scientific and practical seminars on topical issues of gastroenterology, hepatology, dietetics, postgraduate courses for doctors. The staff of the department actively participates in the writing of publications not only in Ukrainian scientific-practical journals, but also in international journals, which are indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science bases, makes reports at the Ukrainian and International forums, conferences.

The department cooperates with the National Center of Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and the Institute of Cardiology acad. M.D. Strazhesko Institute of Nephrology of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

The professors of the department are members of specialized councils, reviewers in authoritative journals, in particular “Modern Gastroenterology”, “Ukrainian Cardiology Journal”, “Arterial hypertension”, “Problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology” and many others.

Publishing activity: all articles, abstracts, monographs, textbooks, abstracts of dissertations can be viewed on the site of the library of NMU.