Department of Internal Medicine №1



esponsible person – Associate Professor Parunyan Luiza.

Clinical bases of the department: Kyiv Clinical Hospital №18 (Gastroenterology, Therapy), Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, LLC “Medical Clinic” Innovation” (Hematology), LLC Gastro Center “Olimed “, Clinical Hospital “Feofaniya”, Institute of Nephrology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

The newest technologies that are being introduced, the direction of the medical work of the department: the staff of the department provides highly specialized diagnostic and medical-consulting care to patients with various diseases of internal organs (general therapeutic, gastroenterological, hematological, cardiological, nephrological, etc.). Among the latest technologies the most accurate approaches of endoscopic diagnostics of gastrointestinal tract diseases, ultrasound elastography and steatometry of the liver, spleen for the evaluation of portal hypertension, pancreas are used.

Medical categories of employees: the staff of the department has higher, first and second categories in the specialties “internal diseases”, “gastroenterology”, “hematology”, “nephrology”.

Equipment in the educational and medical process: the staff of the department uses modern diagnostic and medical equipment, including for educational purposes (ultrasound system SONEUS P7, diagnostic videoendoscopic system, ultrasound system Aloka, videocolonoscope, etc.).