Department of Radiology and Radiation Medicine

Students’ Scientific Group


Responsible for the STUDENT SCIENTIFIC CLUB – Ph.D., Associate Professor Ganna Romanenko, work phone 4561011 mobile phone 0503127031

SSC headmaster – Pavlushenko, Mariia Viktorivna 6th year student of Medical faculty # 3, 8 group. mobile phone 0973162752,,


The student scientific department was founded in the mid-20’s of the last century. SSC served as a base of professional growth for many highly qualified doctors and eminent scientists, including academician of NAS and NAMS of Ukraine, RAMS D.F. Chebotarova, Corresponding Member of NAMS of Ukraine O.V. Epstein and I.M. Dykan, MD professors V.I. Milko, D.S. Mecheva, A.P. Lazaryi, R.P. Matiushka,  V.M.Slovnova, D.D. Ivanova, MD O.V. Kirichenko, Yu.L. Stavitskyi, N.O. Tyshko The scientific leaders of the Club at one time were O. Bogaievskyi, M.F. Zarkevich, V.I. Milko, M.M. Kondratskyi Morozova N.L. and for the last 5 years – Romanenko G.O.

The purpose of the group is to identify gifted students, to involve them in clinical and research work performed at the department, as well as to prepare a scientific-teaching reserve.


Recently, in connection with the introduction of advanced technologies in radiology among students, the interest in radiation diagnostics and radiation therapy is increasing, and the number of members of the scientific Club of the department is increasing. Now Club students are engaged in the club activities who have firmly decided to associate their professional activity with radiology, and students who are in search of their place in the multifaceted world of medicine. The department provides an opportunity for students to participate in radiation studies of patients on clinical bases, to improve their knowledge and practical skills, as well as to prepare scientific work under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Each meeting of the club is constructed in such a way that all participants have the opportunity to study the topic of the lesson . For this purpose, introductory mini-lectures of the scientific leader of the club or the teacher of the department are devoted to the actual issues of the topic of the meeting. One of the most promising areas of activity of the student scientific club of the department is the practical component of each lesson. Students learn the most demonstrative, or, conversely, complex diagnostic imaging, which allows them to expand and deepen their knowledge as future professionals. The Club also provides opportunities for the realization of the creative abilities of each student. Students prepare abstract reviews of domestic and foreign sources on topical issues of radiation diagnostics and therapy, which are presented in the form of reports with multimedia accompaniment. An integral part of the lesson is the discussion of interesting clinical and diagnostic cases and observations, during which the teachers share invaluable experience.

The students of the Club actively participate in conferences, scientific congresses and congresses on radiation diagnostics and radiation therapy. The results of scientific researches of Club are presented annually at student conferences Bogomolets National Medical University, international inter-university congresses and the All-Ukrainian Contest of scientific works where prizes and diplomas are awarded. The most active students are members of SSC Kisel and have publications in professional editions of the HCC of Ukraine. Main directions of scientific work: Topical issues of modern radiation diagnostics: ultrasound, CT, MRI, radiation therapy (application of linear accelerators, in-depth study of external and internal radiation techniques).


Clinical bases of the department where the group operates:


  • Morphological building, Department of Radiology and Radiation Medicine;
  • City Clinical Hospital No. 14, Department of Radionuclide Diagnostics (03057, Kyiv, 34, Peremohy Ave.).


Plan of SCC meetings of the department in 2019/2020 Romanenko G.O

The topic of the meeting Indicative dates of the meeting Responsible for holding /


Modern methods of diagnostics of diseases of the respiratory system 18.09.19 Romanenko G.O. Pavlushenko M.V.
2. Joint meeting of the CIS Department of Anatomy. Radial anatomy of the bone system, features of early diagnosis of diseases of the musculoskeletal system 30.10.19 Romanenko G.O. Pavlushenko M.V.
3. Basic methods of diagnostics of diseases of the cardiovascular system 27.11.19 Romanenko G.O. Pavlushenko M.V.
4. Joint CIS Meeting of Endocrinology Departments. Clinic, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland. 12.12.19 Romanenko G.O. Pavlushenko M.V.
5. Modern methods in nuclear medicine. PET 29.10.20 Romanenko G.O. Pavlushenko M.V.
6. Features of application of modern imaging methods for CNS diseases. Diagnosis of post-traumatic injuries 26.02.19 Romanenko G.O. Pavlushenko M.V.
7. Radiation diagnostics of diseases of a woman’s reproductive system. Current approaches to the treatment of breast cancer 25.03.20 Romanenko G.O. Pavlushenko M.V.
8. Methods and principles of radiation diagnosis of the urinary system 27.05.20 Romanenko G.O. Pavlushenko M.V.
9. Quest 4.06.20 Romanenko G.O. Pavlushenko M.V.


Topics of research with fellow students in 2019/2020 are planned at the department under the guidance of PhD, Assoc. Romanenko G.O.


  1. “Radionuclide diagnostics of kidney function in congenital malformations”, Kornienko D. (6 year, group 13, II mf)
  2. “Application of osteoscintigraphy in the diagnosis of metastatic bone damage in malignant neoplasms of the mammary gland” Pavlushenko M. (6 year, 8group, III mf).


The results of the work are scheduled to be presented at the Annual Young Medical Scientist Conference 2019 and the 8th National Congress with International Participation “Radiology in Ukraine”, Kyiv, March 28-30, 2020.


Often the meeting of the club takes place in the format of compatible meetings with club of surgery, traumatology, endocrinology, topographic anatomy, biochemistry, etc.


Joint session of the SCC Department of Human Anatomy, SCC Department of Radiology and Radiation Medicine and SCC Department of Traumatology in the sanitary and hygienic building, audience number 2. The topic of the meeting was relevant and important: “Hip dysplasia”.


Practical part, osteoscintigraphy processing on the SPECT-1 gamma-camera of AMKRIS-HR Limited (Ukrainian-American enterprise) with students.


Meetings with students in the format of solving clinical problems.


There are also non-standard meetings of the club.

Non-standard meetings of the Club are also held. Getting to know the branches of City Clinical Hospital No. 14,( Department of radionuclide diagnostics).


The latest SCC joint meeting in 2019.


Dear students! The Club was created exclusively for your scientific development, the meetings are dominated by a spirit of collegiality and friendly relations. We are waiting for you!