Department of Radiology and Radiation Medicine

History of the Department

The first x-ray room in Kyiv started to work in the hospital of Pokrovsky Monastery that was created by Princess Oleksandra Petrivna Romanova (the eldest daughter of Prince Petro Georgiovych Oldenburgskyi).

Then there were created the x-ray rooms at the deparments of faculty therapy, faculty surgery of medical faculty of St. Vladimir University, in the military hospital. Obviously that it was beginning of forming a new branch of medicine related to X-ray technology. It was necessary to create a new discipline, and in connection with it, teaching of radiology. In the period from January 25 to 27 April 1916 the Commission that included Professor of the Imperial Military Medical Academy V.O.Oppel, a Professor of the Clinical institute of Grand Princess Olena Pavlivna A.M. Korelok, Associate Professor and consultant of the same Institute P.K. Janovskyi, Assistant Professor of the Department of physics of the Imperial Military Medical Academy I.A. Orlov, privat-docent of the same Academy and senior assistant of the Physical Institute of the Petrograd Imperial University, teacher of Mykolaiv Engineering Academy M.M.Glagolev, engineer-electrician technician of Polytechnic Institute V.Zalutskyi under the chairmanship of acting Professor of the Imperial Military Medical Academy, S.Ja.Tereshyn held thirteen radiology teaching meetings.

Radiology course at the medical faculty of St. Vladimir University was created in May of 1917.
March 17, 1920 Kyiv Province Professional Education Department terminated the medical faculties of St. Vladimir University and Ukrainian State University, and also medical and odontological institutions and organized on their basis the Institute of Health, which soon was renamed to the Medical Academy, and then to Kyiv Medical Institute.

All these things were the beginning of the birth of the new Department in the Medical Institute – the Department of Radiology.

The founder and the first head of the course, and then of the Department of Radiology of Kiev Medical Institute was Professor Yevgen Ferdynandovych VEBER (1875-1947).

June 13, 1922 Professor Grygorii Semenovych IVANITSKYi (1867-1940) – head of the Deparment of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy, was appointed as the acting head of the Department of Radiology. After several monthsprivat-docent Oleksa Yakovych BOGAIEVSKYI (1890-1959) took a position of the acting head of the Department of Radiology, and March 17, 1926 he had a position of the head of the Department and have been working at the same position until 1941.

Oleksa Yakovych Bogaievskyi

O.Ya. Bogaievskyi was born in Poltava Province. In 1915 he graduated from the medical faculty of St. Vladimir University. He worked as a radiologist in a military hospital. Defended his MD dissertation “Methods of x-ray research and diagnosis” and his doctoral dissertation “X-Ray methods for studying lacteal gland, diagnosis of illness and its importance”. In 1927, O.Ya.Bogaievskyi passed through the training program in the clinics of Berlin and Vienna. He studied with outstanding Austrian radiologists M.Gaudek (1880-1931) and G.Goltskneht (1872-1931), also he worked on highly skilled professionals preparation. Professor Vira GnativnaGEDROITS (1876-1932) – the first Russian woman-Professor of surgery, Рead of the Department of faculty surgery (1929-1930) was the acting head of the Department of radiology during a scientific mission abroad of O.Ya. Bogaievskyi in June-July, 1927.

During the Great Patriotic War Associate Professor L.M. Gershonova was appointed to the position of the Head of Radiology Department of the Institute, which was evacuated to Cheliabinsk. In 1944, after returning the Institute to Kyiv, the Department was headed by Associate Professor Mykola Fedorovych ZARKEVYCH (1896-1985)

Mykola Fedorovych Zarkevych

He studied at the Military Medical Academy and the medical faculty of the Rostov University. Since 1927 he has been heading of the Radiology Department of the Kiev Military Hospital, and in the years of Great Patriotic War he worked close to the rear area of the 3rd Ukrainian front.

The employees of the Department read lectures in the classrooms of today’s Central City Clinical Hospital, practical sessions were given in the clinics of the hospital or in the district military hospital. Unfortunately, in the nearest time the Department of the Radiology was transformed into the Associate Professor course at the Department of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases.

The first gamma therapy unit GUT-Co-20 testing by M.F.Zarkevych.

In 1955, the Department was restructured and got a name – the Department of Roentgenology and Medical Radiology. Associate Professor M.F.Zarkevych was a head of the Department until 1963. The main topic of scientific research of those years was development and improvement of some fluorographic methods. M.F.Zarkevych – one of the founders and organizers of domestic radiology, he researched X-ray radiography for bone, lung and digestive system diagnostics. He was the first in Ukraine who scanned the thyroid gland and liver.

M.F.Zarkevych was the supervisor of PhD theses of V.I.Milko, V.M.Slavnov, A.P. Lazar, D.S. Mechev and others. Mykola Fedorovych was a Colonel of medical service, he was awarded the Order of Lenin, The Order of the Red Banner and medals.

In 1958, the employees of the Department – M.F.Zarkevych, V.I.Milko, L.B.Pinchuk, M.M.Popova and L.M.Triumfova issued the first “Guide for medical radiology” for medical students.

In 1964-1966 – the head of the Department was Doctor of
Medical Sciences, Professor Anatolii Ivanovych POZMOGOV (1921-2004), who was at the same time the vice-rector of Kiev Medical Institute in scientific work (1963-1966).

Anatolii Ivanovych Pozmogov

I n 1943 he graduated from Tashkent Medical Institute and was immediately drafted into the red Army. Since 1947, A.I.Pozmogov have been working at Kyiv Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Oncology – as junior researcher, senior researcher, and in 1958 – the head of the X-ray Diagnostic Department. In 1952 Anatolii Ivanovych defended his MD thesis, and in 1962 – his doctoral dissertation. A year later he was elected the head of the Department of the Kiev Medical Institute. In 1966 A.I.Pozmogov was invited to Kiev Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Oncology, where he headed the X-ray Department, and the next year he was appointed on the position of Deputy Director for scientific work. From 1971 to 1987 A.I. Pozmogov was the Director of Kiev Scientific Research Institute of Roentgenology, Radiology and Oncology and at the same time he headed the Department of Radiology. From 1987 and until the end of his life he has been working as a research consultant in the Institute. Scientific interests of Anatolyi Ivanovych – X-ray diagnostics of respiratory diseases. He proposed contrast tracheobronchography, sectional mediastinal phlebography and angiopulmonography.

A.I. Pozmogov is an author of nearly 300 scientific works including 9 monographs. He was a supervisor for 20 Doctors of Medical Sciences and MDs. A.I.Pozmogov was Deputy Chairman of the all-Union and Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian scientific society of roentgenologists and radiologists, Deputy Chairman of the All-Union Scientific Society of Oncologists, Deputy of Kyiv City Council, chief radiologist of the Ministry of Health of the Ukrainian SSR.

A.I.Pozmogov was awarded the Order of the Red Star, Patriotic War, Order of the Red Banner and medals, he was conferred the honorary title of Honored Worker of Science of USSR.
From 1966 to 1990, the Department was headed by a famous scientist and organizer of medical personnel training, laureate of the USSR State Prize in science and engineering (1986), Honored Worker of Higher School of the Ukrainian SSR, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Vasyl Ivanovych MILKO (1921-1998). In 1965-1970 he was a rector of Kyiv Medical Institute named after O.O.Bogomolets.

Vasyl Ivanovych Milko

V.I. Milko made a significant contribution for organization of technical equipment of the Department and radiological laboratory.

In 1966 there was published “Manual of clinical radiology” edited by V.I.Milko and N.F Nazimok, 1968 – “ Manual of rentgendiagnosis” by V.I. Milko, A.P.Lazar, M.M.Popova and L.M.Triumfova, 1978 and 1980 – textbook “Medical radiology” by V.I.Milko, A.P.Lazar and N.F.Nazimok, 1983 – textbook “Roentgenology” edited by V.I. Milko, 1989 – “Educational manual of rentgenoanatomy” by V.I. Milko, I.I. Bobryk, T.V.Topchii and others. V.I.Milko – a co-author of the monograph “The Coronary circulation and experimental myocardial infarction” (1962, together with V.V.Frolkis, K.I.Kulchytskyi and U.A Kuzminska), there was published a book “Radionuclide diagnostics (evaluation of treatment effectiveness of some deceases)” edited by V.I.Milko and Ye.G.Matviienko in 1991.

V.I.Milko was awarded the orders of Lenin, the Red Star, Patriotic War II degree, Red Banner of Labor, «Badge of Honor» », medals and Diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR (1982).

V.I. Milko with the First Secretary of Communist Party of Ukraine Petro Yuhymovych Shelest, 1963

In 1990-2006 – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Anatolii Fylypovych LAZAR was a Head of the Department by (1933-2007), at the same time he worked as a chief radiologistof the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (1986-2005).

Anatolii Pylypovych Lazar

We should research unfavorable radioecological, radio-biological, medical, psychological and social consequences of the Chornobyl accident in 1986, so our employees created a course of radiation medicine in 1991 and the Department got a name The Department of medical radiology with courses of radiology and radiation medicine. Professor T.V.Topchii and R.P.Matiushko headed the courses.

The Employees of the Department V.I.Milko, A.P.Lazar, M.M.Tkachenko, R.P. Matiushko, N.I.Moskalenko, A.M.Kytaiev took part in liquidation of the Chornobyl NPP accident consequences.

In 1993 there was published a textbook “Radiation medicine, edited by A.P.Lazar, 2003 – textbook “Fundamentals of radiation medicine” by O.P.Ovcharenko, A.P.Lazar, R.P.Matiushko, in 2005 – manual “X-ray diagnostics” edited by V.I.Milko, 2006 – Selected lectures on radionuclide diagnosis and radiotherapy,” edited by A.P.Lazar, and a textbook “Fundamentals of beam diagnostics” by S.Yu.Kravchuk and A.P.Lazar for students of higher medical educational institutions of III – IV accreditation levels.

In 2003 a Department had the name – Department of radiology with a course of radiation medicine (order № 424 from December 8,2003), since 2008 – radiology and radiation medicine (order № 86 from March, 17 2008).

n may 2006 Honoured Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine, twice-laureate of the State Award of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Mykhailo Mykolaiovych TKACHENKO was elected the Head the Department.

Mykhailo Mykolaiovych Tkachenko

Since 1989 the city scientific-practical centre of radionuclide diagnostics has been working on the basis of the Department. Radiological laboratory of the National Medical University, Department of radionuclide diagnostics clinical hospital № 14, X-ray Department of Oleksandrivska clinical hospita, Department of radioinduction general and endocrine pathology of the Institute for Clinical Radiology, Research Centre for Radiation Medicine AMS of Ukraine, Kyiv Regional Oncology center are equipped with modern medical, radiological and computer techniques and are used for the training of students, post-graduate study of doctors-interns, heightening qualification of teachers.

In 2006 and 2007 there were published methodological recommendations of the lecture course and a practical training with radiation diagnosis and radiation therapy for 3 rd year students in English (authors: M.M.Tkachenko, O.L. Mankovska, N.KVolyk, O. O.Vlasenko); in 2010 there were published methodological recommendations of practical training on radiation medicine for the 5th year students of medical faculties in English (authors: M.M. Tkachenko V.M.Mistriukov, G.M.Popereka).

In 2011, the employees of the Department published a basic textbook «Radiology (Ray diagnostics and radiotherapy)» edited by Professor M.M.Tkachenko.

The staff of the Department successfully cooperated with such well-known representatives of fundamental and clinical medicine as F.G.Yanovskyi, V.M.Ivanov, G.V.Folbort, O.Yu.Lurie, O.O.Gorodetskyi, M.N.Zaiko, A.P.Romodanov, V.V.Frolkis, K.I. Kulchytskyi, M.S.Pylypchuk, G.Y.Burchynskyi, S.D.Goligorskyi, Ye.G.Goncharuk, M.P.Cherenko, V.V.Shyshkina, L.A.IIiin, A.P.Peleshchuk, V.P.Shyrobokov, L.A.Pyrig, F.P. Trynus, L.G.Rosenfeld, I.S.Chekman, V.G.Bebeshko, I.I.Bobryk, M.I.Pylypenko, V.G.Koliadenko, Ye.Т.Skliarenko, I.V.Shumada, I.I.Sakharchuk, V.M.Blagodarov, M.P.Bodnar, V.Yu.Kushnir, V.G.Cherkasov, V.G.Mishalov, T.D.Nikula, A.S.Svintsitskyi, O.A.Piatak, T.P.Syvachenko, G.Yu.Koval, D.S.Mechev, E.D.Chebotareva, I.V.Bagdasarova, O.A. Gonchar, V.G.Lyzogub, N.O.Gorchakova, O.M. Kovalenko, L.O.Stechenko, O.I.Kradinov, V.M.Sokolov, V.M.Ryzhyk, O.M.Shkondin, D.D.Ivanov and others.

Minister of health of the USSR, academician Borys Vasylovych Petrovskyi at the Department of rentgenradiology. V.I. Milko and I.M. Trakhtenberg gave comments.

Such famous scientists as academician of NAS and AMS of Ukraine O.F.Vozianov, corresponding member of AMS of the USSR P.M.Maistruk, Professor V.M.Slavnov, V.D. Chebotarova, B.M.Shchepotin, N.V.Tanacichuk-Gazhyieva (Donetsk NMU named after M. Gorkyu) and others defended their doctoral dissertations at the Department.

At different times these outstanding people worked at the Department: corresponding member of AMS of Ukraine Professor O.V.Epshtein, Associate Professors M.M.Popova, L.M.Triumfova, Doctor of Medical Sciences O.V.Kyrychenko, N.K. Volyk, assistants L.B.Pinchuk (now Doctor of Medical Sciences and Professor), I.M.Streltsov, N.I.Drozdova, V.V.Lusta, V.A.Pokotylo, N.F.Nazimok, M.K.Maidannyk, N.I.Moskalenko, V.V.Novopashena, L.V.Streltsova, V.A. Romanenko, G.G.Boichuk (now Associate Professor of Bukovinian State Medical University).

In 1986, Professor V.I.Milko and R.P.Matiushko received the USSR State Prize in Science and Technology for studying the influence of above the lethal doses of different types of ionizing rays on mammals (the team, which included Professor I.I.Bobryk, I.S. Chekman, N.A.Gorchakova, V.A.Tumanov and others).

Professor M. M. Tkachenko – twice-laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (1996, 2003): in 1996 he was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine for a series of scientific works “The Role of the endothelium and biologically active substances of endothelial origin in the regulation of blood flow and cardiac activity” (group of authors, headed by academician of NAS of Ukraine O.O. Моibenko); 2003 – for the series of scientific works “Study of the fundamental mechanisms of action of nitric oxide on the cardiovascular system as the basis for pathogenetic treatment of diseases” (group of authors, which included academicians of NAS and AMS of Ukraine L.T.Mala, V.V.Frolkis, academician of NAS of Ukraine O.O. Моibenko, corresponding member of the NAS of Ukraine V.F.Sagach, academicians of AMS of Ukraine O.V.Korkushko, O.V.Stefanov, corresponding member of AMS of Ukraine V.V.Bezrukov and others).

The main direction of scientific researches of the Department is development and implementation of new methods of radiological diagnostics of kidney diseases, cardiovascular and hepatobiliary systems, digestive system, and also study the influence of low radiation doses on human body and animals. The Department is the main among the departments of radiology profile of medical universities of Ukraine, heads the educational and methodological work and organization of radiological services in the state.


The collective of the Department, 2006

The collective of the Department, 2006

Meeting of heads of single-profile departments of higher medical schools of Ukraine on the support Department, November 22, 2010

The collective of the Department, 2020