Department of Pathological Anatomy

(УКР) Студентський науковий гурток

  • The student’s scientific club on the basis of pathology #1 department has a long history and numerous scientific achievements.

    Club meetings are devoted to various problematic and interesting issues of practical pathomorphology, such as differentiation of signs of tumor pathology, analysis of signs of complications of implantation of foreign materials, etc., issues of digital pathology are raised.Theoretical meetings are held in the museum hall of the pathology department #1 (Mechnikova Street, 5)Practical meetings are held on the base of Kiev City Clinical Oncology Center (Verkhovyna Street,69).The club also provides united meetings with the biology and microbiology clubs. The cooperation is gradually expanding.The aim of the club is:


    • real engagement of students in practical activities;
    • introducing them actual clinical work of the pathologist and the latest diagnostic methods used in diagnostics;
    • giving students the opportunity to discuss actual topics and present their individual scientific achievements;
    • preparation of participants for Olympiads and conferences


    Scentific adviser of the club is Danylishina Marina, student’s head of the club is Mykola Plodienko (tel. +38 063 484 4241).