Department of Pathological Anatomy



The Pathology #1 Department has established his scientific traditions and at the same time is open to new directions. The Department of Pathology is actively engaged in research activities, the results of which were repeatedly presented at the European Congress on Breast Cancer, the European Congress of Pathologists. The department cooperates with the Institute of Genetics and Regenerative Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. The department staff annually holds conference with international participation about the practical application of the immunohistochemical method for the diagnosis of tumors, participate in the development of standards for diagnosis and treatment on hematology, pediatric oncology, pathology and anatomy service.

Over the past 10 years more than 150 scientific papers have been published, 8 patents have been received, 9 PhD and 2 doctoral dissertations have been defended. The research work of the department consists in morphological verification, the study of properties and differential diagnosis of tumor and tumor-like tumors of various localizations on biopsy and operating material, evaluation of the treatment pathomorphosis of malignant tumors with a prognostic evaluation of the effectiveness of antitumor treatment.

The staff of the department actively participate in the all-Ukrainian and international conferences and constantly improves their level of knowledge. On the basis of the pathology department there are 5 postgraduates who are currently working on their PhD thesis.


Research works


During 2019-2021 years on the basis of the pathology #1 department research work is established. The topic is “Development of histological and molecular-biological criteria for differential diagnosis of tumors and pre-tumor changes in organs and their prognostic value”.

Also, the pathology #1 department performs a fragment of the scientific work together with surgery department. The topic is “Clinical and morphological substantiation of the choice of treatment method for chronic constipation”.


Grant activity

Assistant of Pathology #1 department Mariia Yanovytska was awarded Giordano Fellowship in 2020. This programme is designed for the advanced training in pathology and is supported by the European Society of Pathology.