Department of Pathological Anatomy


The responsible person for medical and advisory work is – Grygorchyk Sergiy

The responsible person for medical and advisory work is professor Cherkasov.

The department provides professional training for pathologists and actively provides consultant services.

Main clinical base of the pathology department is Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center where about 70 thousand histological samples (more than 20 thousand patients) are investigated. About 8 thousand patients from other hospitals of Ukraine annually get counseling services and year after year their number grows. On the basis of the department, for the first time in Ukraine, the immunohistochemical method was introduced for practical application, which is used widespread now and allows particularly expand possibilities of pathology. Now more than 130 antibodies are used in the department for immunohistochemical research.

Pathology department is provided by modern equipment including microscopes and multimedia boards which students are able to use during practical lessons.