Department of microbiology and parasitology with the basics of immunology

Social and educate work


An educational and public work is the important type of activity of the department of microbiology, virology and immunology and directed on perfection of pedagogical qualification of academic staff of the department and increases scientific level of teaching with the purpose of perfection of training of highly skilled medical personnel, forming a scientific world view of the students, creating an active vital position in them. All academic staff takes part in an educational work of the department.


With the purpose of discussion of questions of educational work at the department the seminars are carried out. The meetings take place 3-4 times during a semester. On a seminar there are basic documents of planning of an educate process, the general questions come into a question on issue of education, the plans of counsels become firmly established. A discussion is made at wide creative participation of all collective of the department. The primary purpose is an association of educate methods of general psychological – pedagogical influences on personality of the students with the purpose of complex education of medical specialist.


The meetings of the students are being organized with the well-known specialists in industry of microbiology and virology at the department. On lectures and practical work the scientific and vital positions of prominent scientists are popularized.