Department of Hygiene and Ecology

Academic methodological activity







The following normative disciplines are taught at department of hygiene and ecology: “hygiene and ecology”, “medicine of emergencies”, “extreme medicine” in II, III and VI courses of medical faculties No 1, 2, 4 and pharmaceutical faculty, as well as the elective courses for students of the 6th course in medical faculty No 4 are taught.


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Professor V.G. Bardov reads the lecture to students of the 3rd course in medical faculty No 1


The department is the supportive department of MHC of Ukraine on “General hygiene and human ecology”.

The academic methodological meetings for heads at one-type departments are held every year, where the coordination of topical plan for practical classes and lectures, as well as the exchange of experience on organization of academic activity and teaching disciplines is carried out.


Since 1968 the department conducts the joint work with the faculty on advanced training of teachers for higher medical schools in Ukraine of I-II and III-IV accreditation levels on discipline “General hygiene and human ecology”.


The department holds the study in residency on discipline “General hygiene”.

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Assistant professor M.I. Boyko holds the practical classes on hygiene of emergencies


Teachers, post-graduate students, scientific workers at department – active organizers and participants in academic methodological conferences of IV medical faculty in Bogomolets National medical university, higher medical schools of Ukraine.


Since 2004 the department became the center on training students from different faculties in NMU to licensing integrated exam “Krok-1”, “Krok-2”, doctors-interns – “Krok-3” and exams due to specialty “General hygiene”.


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Computer class at department of hygiene and ecology


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Assistant professor A.M. Grynzovskyy A.M. sums up the test control of students’ knowledge

Students have the training to
licensing integrated exam “Krok-2”


The significant attention is paid to implementation of modern forms for academic activity according to requirements of Bologna declaration.

The employees at department take part in exchange of experience in teaching discipline “Hygiene and ecology” and organization of academic educational process due to credit modular system according to requirements of Bologna declaration.


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Performance of final modular control




Exchange of scientific methodological experience in performance of practical classes, lectures and set up of scientific experiments with inherent tradition of interrelations between experienced scientists and young generation of scientists at department.



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Assistant professor I.M. Motuzkov and head of academic section at department assistant professor N.V. Merezhkina sum up the rating of students


The employees at department defended 6 candidate’s dissertations for the period since 2004 until 2010. The work on 2 doctoral and 7 candidate’s dissertations is continued. 6 post-graduate students study in residency at department.

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Corresponding member of NAMS of Ukraine professor V.G. Bardov holds the meeting with young scientists at department (2011)


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Professor S.T. Omelchuk and scientific worker O.M. Korshun analyze the results from chromatographical analysis.