Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Hygiene and Ecology №1

Scientific activity

  • Responsible person (full name, position, contacts) – Vavrinevych Olena Petrivna, professor, e-mail:, phone. 454-49-42.
  • Main directions of work: researches of influence of solar and geomagnetic activity, climate and weather on incidence and course of cardiovascular and lung diseases; problems of UV irradiation usage for cardiovascular and lung diseases prevention; researches on radiation hygiene, including long term study of complex effect of radionuclides, heavy metal salts and pesticides, including studies in 30- kilometer zone around Chornobyl nuclear plant; pesticide hygiene, pesticide toxicology, monitoring of harmful and hazardous environmental factors, risk assessment and development of measures to prevent human exposure of harmful and hazardous environmental factors; hygienic regulation and creation of methods of conditioning the quality of drinking water; hygienic assessment of air and water conditioning methods for providing crews (spacecraft and submarines).
  • Research work: Hygienic substantiation of scientific bases of various groups and chemical classes of pesticides monitoring in water of household-drinking and cultural-domestic purposes reservoirs
  • Grant activity –
  • Publishing activities: (textbooks, short abstract monographs, overall numbers, photos of textbooks, monographs, links to information resources)
Name Short  abstract Photo
Groundwater Resource Characterisation and Managmant Aspects L.Arumi, E.Munoz, R.Oyarzun, A. Antonenko, O. Vavrinevych, M. Korshun and, S. Omelchuk / Edited by Moreck Gomo. IntechOpen. UK. 2019. 133 p. (P. 37-50)

Pesticides could be one of such hazardous groundwater pollutants. We developed two methods for the hazardous effect on human organism while consuming contaminated water prediction: risk acceptance assessment and integral groundwater contamination hazard index (IGCHI) evaluation in points according to special scale.
Handbook “Pesticides” Ed. Omelchuk ST. K .: Interservice, 2019. 904 p. It  is a modern source for known and new active substances and formulations of pesticides
Endocrine disruptors in Ukraine: the state of the problem and ways to solve it. National Review. A.M. Serdyuk, D.A. Bazika, M.D. Tronko, A.M. Antonenko – Kyiv: PE “Medinform” PE, 2018. – 156 p. In this book Summarized information about the spread, features of endocrine disruptors on the body, the best practices in the regulation of endocrine disruptors in the world, the spread of diseases and economic losses that can potentially be caused by the effects of endocrine disruptors on the population
Hygiene and Ecology : Textbook for students of higher medical schools: in English. V.G. Burgundy. – 2nd view, updated. – Vinnytsia: New Book, 2018. – 688 p. In the textbook describes the modern theoretical foundations, methodology, methods and means of studying environmental factors and their influence on human health and public health, living conditions, rest, work, study, nutrition, education, treatment, etc.