Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Toxicology

Scientific work

Scientific director – Head of the Department, MD, Prof. Iryna Nizhenkovska

Responsible person – PhD in Pharmacology, Associate Professor Violetta Narokha


Main directions of scientific work:

  • synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of the biological activity of new compounds
  • biochemistry and pathobiochemistry of molecular mechanisms of biomembranes damage and therapeutico-prophylactic use of bioantioxidants
  • educational and methodological support, reformation of higher pharmaceutical education, introduction of modern educational technologies with consideration of specifics of organic, biological, pharmaceutical and toxicological chemistry for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.


Main scientific results are available at Scopus/Web of Science at the profile of

Ніженковська Ірина Володимирівна/Iryna Nizhenkovska

ORCID ID 0000-0001-5065-3147


Нароха Віолетта Петрівна/Violetta Narokha

ORCID ID 0000-0001-7676-0223

Web of Science ResearcherID ABB-8824-2020 ID: ABB-8824-2020


Scientific themes:



  • “Development and improvement of methods for laboratory analysis of medical supplies (MS) and biologically active supplements (BAS) ”. Responsible person – Olena Welchinska.



  • “Search and study of pharmacological properties of coordination compounds of germanium and derivatives of heterocycles”. Responsible person – Violetta Narokha.
  • “Theoretical and methodological principles of the organization of educational activities in the study of chemical disciplines by future masters of pharmacy in a mixed classroom-distance form of education”. Responsible person – Iryna But.




  • «Search and study of mechanisms of action of new potential cardioprotective and antihypertensive compounds». Responsible person – Violetta Narokha.
  • «Experimental rationalization for the creation of a new drug with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity». Responsible person – Liudmyla Onyshchuk.




Doctor of Science (D)



Tetyana Reva. Theoretical and methodological bases of realization of the competence approach in training of chemical disciplines of future pharmacists. Scientific consulting – MD, Prof. Iryna Nizhenkovska.


Candidate of Sciences (PhD)



Liudmуla Onyshchuk. Experimental justification for the creation of a new drug with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity. Supervisor – MD, Prof. Iryna Nizhenkovska.



Oksana Holovchenko. Methods of organizing independent work of future masters of pharmacy in organic chemistry by means of distance learning. Supervisor – MD, Prof. Iryna Nizhenkovska.



Kateryna Matskevych. Experimental study of phosphorylated oxazole derivatives as potential antihypertensive agents. Supervisor – MD, Prof. Iryna Nizhenkovska.



Violetta Narokha. Experimental study of the pharmacodynamics of germanium coordination compounds in case of anthracycline intoxication. Supervisor – MD, Prof. Iryna Nizhenkovska.



Vitalii Pidchenko. Experimental justification of immunomodulating activity and safety of fungal biomass powder of fungus GANODERMA LUCIDUM (CURT.:FR.)P.KARST». Supervisor – MD, Prof. Iryna Nizhenkovska.