Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatric Surgery

Student Scientific Club

Responsible Director: Godik Oleg Sviatoslavovych, Candidate of Medical Sciences, assistant professor

Phone: +38(050)543-37-81



Chief of the Coterie: Choban Oleksii Volodymyrovych

Phone: +38(050)315-85-24


Coterie History: Pediatric Surgery Coterie was organized in 1957. For 49 years 652 students have worked in the coterie. 278 reports were performed at different university conferences. 283 students’ research works were published during mentioned time period. Coterie members received numerous awards: Medals and diplomas of the 1-st degree – 9, medals and diplomas of 2-nd degree – 17, medals and diplomas of 3-rd degree – 21. Received at university conferences: Certificates for winning the 1-st place – 29, diplomas for 2-nd place – 39, deeds for 3-rd place – 36. Twelve coterie members subsequently became Candidates of Medical Sciences, and three of them – Doctors of Medical Sciences.


The Areas of Focus: Congenital anomalies of chest and abdominal cavity in children, issues on pediatric emergency surgical care.


The most well-known offshoots of Pediatric Surgery Coterie are: a doctor of medical sciences, professor Olexander Dubrovin, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Alexey Sliepov, Candidate of Medical Sciences Vasyl Soroka, Candidate of Medical Sciences Oleksandr Metlenko, Candidate of Medical Sciences Oleg Godik.


Schedule: The 1-st &3-d Fridays of each academic month

Coterie base: Viacheslava Chornovola Street,28/1 building № 11 National Children’s Specialized Hospital “OKHMATDYT”