Сollection of anatomical specimens

The pride of the University is the сollection of anatomical specimens, which specimens are so unique and made so long time ago that they acquired not only scientific and academic but great historical importance.

The history of the collection is closely related to the history of our University. O.O. Bogomolets National medical university originates from the oldest in Russian Empire higher medical school – Vilno medical surgical academy, which was founded in 1579. Due to the rescript by Emperor Mykola I, dd. 19, April (in the old style) in 1840 it was removed to Kyiv and joined to St. Volodymyr University and was transformed into the medical faculty. The specimens from Vilno anatomic museum were moved here under personal supervision of the first dean at medical faculty Professor V.O. Karavayev.

The fundamental and academic the collection were established thanks to efforts by brilliant group of scientists from Kyiv anatomical school Professors O.P. Walter, V.O. Bets, M.A. Tykhomyrov, F.A. Stefanis, M.S. Spirov, the unique anatomical specimens were made, which together with the specimens from Vilno academy impress our contemporaries by perfection and processing technique and testify to the high European level of national anatomic science.

The symbol of the collection became “Torturer of city Vilno” (specimen from 1770), and one from decorations – unique collection of histological specimens on different sections of human brains and spinal cord, painted with carmine, which was made by Professor V.O. Bets. On these specimens Kyiv anatomist described world-known “Bets large pyramidal cells”. V.O. Bets received the “Medal of success” for that collection (estimated at that time as 7 thousands Austrian guldens) at the World international exhibition in Vienna in 1873.

Now he collection is the most important bases for learning of students and teachers of higher medical schools of Ukraine, who pass through training at faculty of advanced studies at O.O. Bogomolets NMU. The museum is open for visitors due to the previous order.