Academic Research Center – Ukrainian Family Medicine Training Center



Ukrainian Family Medicine Training Center (UFMTC) was founded in May 2005 under Decree of Ministry of Health of Ukraine as an Educational and research center – structural subdivision of the Bogomolets National Medical University , in pursuance of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated June 20, 2000 No. 989 “On comprehensive measures for the introduction of family medicine into the health care system”, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 24.05.2005 No. 228 “On the establishment of Educational- Scientific Center – Ukrainian Family Medicine Training Center of the Bogomolets National Medical University” and within the framework of EU international project by program TACIS “Preventive and Primary Health Care in Ukraine”. Information about foundation of UFMTC is included into the 5th Annual periodical report to EU of Ukraine E/C.12/UKR/5 14, August 2006 about implementation of the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights.


Objectives of UFMTC set by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: facilitation of quality improvement, effectiveness and availability of medical care for the population in Ukraine by means of coordination and conduct: education and training of medical personnel, scientific research, development and approbation of new medical technologies in primary health care, based on the family medicine practicein Ukraine.


Main goals of UFMTC activities:

  • Development and implementation of measures to improve the quality of education, based on the improvement of curricula and educational programs in general practice-family medicine at all stages of medical education, focusing on international standards.
  • Conducting and improving the training and retraining of health care providers of the healthcare facilities of all regions of Ukraine at all levels of medical education – undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous professional development in a wide range of family medicine practice issues (with credit CME for physician’s obligatory recertification).
  • Training for teachers of Medical Schools and Colleges/Nurses School who are involved in education of physicians and nurses in specialty “Family medicine”.
  • Integration of international experience on the development of the practice of family medicine and training of medical personnel through cooperation with foreign universities, research institutions, healthcare institutions, international organizations, and so on.   Implementation into the Ukrainian health care system the international experience of primary health care education and practice development, getting in touch with foreign educational, research and medical institutions, inviting lecturers to conduct training courses, development of collaboration projects, etc.
  • Carrying out research, innovation activity in the field of medical practice and education of family medicine, organizing and conducting specialized scientific studies, participation in the implementation of state targeted programs related to the issues of primary health care activities on the basis of general practice-family medicine. The development and approbation of new medical innovation technologies in primary health care, e.g., the distance learning in CME, medical information systems, etc.
  • Preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff of higher qualification in the specialty of general practice-family medicine, therapy in magistracy, clinical residency, postgraduate and doctoral studies
  • Coordination of activities of regional family medicine training centers.
  • Medical and counseling work at the university clinics of UCFM.
  • Participation in activities of civil medical organizations, conducting attestation of physician’s obligatory recertification of family medicine medical staff, participation in organizing public opinion on the development of family medicine practice.

Information on the creation and activity of the ERC UCFM is included in:

  • 5th Annual periodical report of Ukraine to the European Union E/C.12/UKR/5, from14, August 2006 for the implementation of the International Pact on economic, social and cultural rights;
  • American Councils for International Education as a “History of success” on implementation and sustainability of the results of the international project.

According to the training plan of the UCFM, approved annually by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Center conducts the thematic training courses (TU) for doctors / retraining of teachers (RT) of Medical Schools and Colleges/Nurses School, who are involved in education of physicians and nurses in specialty “Family medicine”of all regions of Ukraine on a wide range of topical issues of family medicine practice.

Target Audience of ERC UCFM:

  • Doctors and heads of health care facilities in Ukraine.
  • Faculties of Clinical Departments of Medical Schools and Colleges/Nurses School in Ukraine, who participate in the training of doctors and nurses in the specialty “General Practice – Family Medicine”.

Our teachers:

  • Employees of the ERC UCFM.
  • Invited coaches and experts from leading Ukrainian universities and research institutes to study or consult on specific topics.
  • Foreign coaches and experts, including in the framework of international projects and cooperation agreements.

ERC UCFM currently held training cycles and TU / RT, most of which are supported by international projects and partners. The training cycles are offered in full-time, blended, full-time and distance learning forms. After successful completion of the training programs, the Certificate established Ministry of Health of Ukraine of advanced training is issued to the students and the number of points is accrued, in accordance with the Criteria for accrual of points of CME, approved by the decree of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 22.02.2019 № 446 “Some issues of physicians continuous professional development”.

Currently about 6,000 Ukrainian physicians have improved their professional skills on the basis of the UCFM, of which more than 1,000 are teachers of Medical Schools/Universities and Colleges/Nurses School in Ukraine.

Based on clinical facilities ERC UCFM conducted clinical practice for students of medical faculties №2,3 and 4, faculty of training of foreign citizens of 5th year (IX, X semester) according to the Work program of clinical practice “Clinical medical practice” for higher medical institutions of Ukraine.

UCFM promotes the introduction of innovative medical technologies in family medicine practice into educational and medical consultative work, actively integrating the best international experience and developing contacts with civil organizations and relevant foreign educational, scientific and medical facilities – on the development of general practice-family medicine.