Department of Hygiene and Ecology №3


  • From 1967-1968 the department has been located on the 5th floor of the sanitary and hygienic building of the Bogomolets NMU at the address: 03057 Kyiv, 34, Peremogy ave. 

    Contacts of the department:

    (044) 454-49-35 – Head of Department; fax;

    (044) 454-49-45 – General

    (044) 454-49-05 – Teaching room




    • Page in social networks is missing
    • The presence of a separate internet site of the department – the site of the department within the faculty of training doctors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine Bogomolets NMU.
    • Specialties in which the study is carried out in the pre-diploma stages: field of knowledge 22 “Health” specialty: 222 “Medicine”; 226 “Pharmacy”. The department provides teaching of the following subjects: “Safety of life; basics of bioethics and biosafety» to the 1st year students of the domestic and English foreign medical faculties №№ 1, 3, 4, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Training of Foreign Citizens; «Hygiene and ecology»; «Hygiene and ecology with hygiene of children and adolescents» to students of 2, 3 and 6 courses of medical faculties № 3, № 4, training of Foreign Citizens (sixth year); FTDAFU; “Military hygiene” for domestic students of the 4 th year of medical faculties №№ 1,2,3,4, FTDAFU; “Hygiene in pharmacy with the basics of ecology” for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy full-time and correspondence forms of study