Department of Surgery №3

Educational Work

The Department carries out educational work with students in accordance with the guidelines of the Dean’s Office of Medical Faculty No. 3. The educational work plan is approved at a meeting held by the Department at the beginning of the academic year, and the responsible staff member makes a progress report at the end of the academic year.

In memory of Prof. V.D. Bratus, who led the Department of Surgery of the Pediatric Faculty reorganized first into Department of Intermediate-Level Surgery No. 2 and subsequently into Department of Surgery No. 3, a memorial room was organized. Prof. Bratus served as the Minister of Health of Ukraine twice and as the Rector of Kyiv Medical Institute and Academy of Postgraduate Education.

In the professor’s memorial room, there are stands with documents presenting his professional life, a shelve stand with his medical writings, and a showcase with facsimile copies of his research papers. On the day of Prof. Bratus’ death, his memory is honored at the Baykove Cemetery where he was buried.


A gallery of domestic surgeons and researchers, known as the founders of medical and, in particular, surgical science in Ukraine and the world, was organized in the lecture room. Every lecture dealing with specific issues of surgery always starts with mentioning those scientists who have made a significant contribution to the science.