Department of Surgery №3

International cooperation

In recent years, employees of the department have repeatedly participated in the work of world and European congresses with oral and poster presentations and publications of their own research in leading international publications.

Associate Professor of the Department Povch O. in 2020 completed an international internship at a leading clinic of Portugal – “Santo Espirito da Ilha Terceira” for emergency surgical care in acute abdominal pathology and in 2021. – in the Royal Hospital of Bangkok.

Assistant professor of the department Kozlov S.M. – from 2018 member of European Association of Study Liver (EASL).

Employees of the English-language department, exchanging experience, actively maintain contact with many graduate students who studied at the department from different parts of the world (Morocco, India, Afghanistan, USA).

Assistant of the Department Prudnikova O. in 2022 conducted an online lecture to students of the Karolinska Institute (Sweden, Stockholm) “Experience in providing surgical care of gunshot and mine-explosive trauma in a civilian clinic”.

In order to expand international cooperation in 2023 joint work of the department with European Associationfor the Study of Liver Diseases (EASL), staff participation in the ILC EASL International Congress on Liver Diseases.

Students of the Faculty of Training of Foreign Citizens of NMU, engaged in scientific work, actively participate in the work of the scientific circle of the department, publish research results in foreign publications.

Over the past year, the department’s employees participated in the following foreign congresses and conferences:

  1. 12th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC, 27.04.2022-30.04.2022, Dublin, Ireland, oral presentation, Professor Ivanchov P.
  2. 54th European Pancreatic Club 2022, London, UK. Surgical treatment of patients with locally advanced cancer and tumor of pancreatobiliary zone, oral presentation, Professor Shkarban V.
  3. USSO&ESSO International Webinar “Advanced Pancreas Cancer Academy”, 2022, Professor Shkarban V.
  4. ILC-2022. International Congress dedicated to the study of liver diseases European Association of Study Liver (EASL), poster presentation. Ivanchov P., Kozlov S., Koshman I.
  5. VII International scientific and practical conference “Innovative trends in science, practice and education”, Munich, Germany, February 22-25, 2022. Electrosurgical generators with the effect of tissue welding in surgical treatment of hemorrhoids. Ivanchov P., Peresh Y., Lissov A., Sydorenko V., Prudnikova O.
  6. International scientific innovations in human life. Proceedings of the 12th International scientific and practical conference. Cognum Publishing House. Manchester, United Kingdom, 2022. Discussion issues of surgical treatment of patients with acute complications of malignant stomach tumors. Prudnikova O., Ivanchov P.
  7. Technology transfer: innovative solutions in medicine. Proceedings of the 4th Annual Conference November 29, 2020, Tallinn, Estonia. Ways of improving the results of surgical treatment of gastric malignant tumors, complicated by gastrointestinal bleeding in the conditions of emergency care. Ivanchov P., Prudnikova O., Kurbanov A.
  8. Eurasian Scientific Congress. Abstracts of XI International Scientific and Practical Conference November 1-3, 2020, Barcelona, ​​Spain. Urgent surgical treatment of acute complicated gastric cancer. Ivanchov P., Prudnikova O., Kurbanov A., Peresh Ye.
  9. 41st Annual Meeting of the German Pancreas Club February 10 – 12, 2022, Lübeck, Germany, poster presentation, assistant I. Tylyukin