Department of Surgery №3


Responsible for medical and advisory work at the Department of Surgery No. 3 – Kurbanov Anton Kostiantynovych – candidate of medical sciences, assistant of the department, phone: (044) 528 35 34; mobile phone – (050) 355 20 83.

The main clinical bases where the department’s employees provide medical and advisory work are:

  1. CNE “Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 12” – surgical department (60 beds), str. Podvysotskogo, 4a.
  2. CNE “Kyiv City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Care” – surgical department No. 3 (45 beds), str. Bratislava, 3.

Medical categories of department employees: higher 9, first 1, without category 1.

On the basis of the surgical department of the CNE “Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 12” is located the Kyiv City Center for providing emergency care to patients with acute gastrointestinal bleeding.

Principles of organization of work of the GIB Center:

  1. Functioning of the endoscopic service (round-the-clock duty of an endoscopist);
  2. Functioning of the blood transfusion department (round-the-clock) and interaction with the city blood transfusion station;
  3. Round-the-clock duty of 3-4 qualified surgeons;
  4. Round-the-clock duty of department employees (professor, associate professor) at home (according to the schedule);
  5. Patients with severe GIB and hemorrhagic shock are hospitalized in the ICU department;
  6. Endoscopic monitoring (FIIA 2-4 hours, FIIB 4-6 hours) based on predicting the risk of recurrence of SCC;
  7. Equipping the GIB Center with endoscopic equipment, modern highly effective technologies (laparoscopic rack, Harmonic ACE ultrasonic scalpel, PATONMED EKVZ-300 welding machine, suturing devices, endovascular interventional technologies).

The main priority directions of the department’s medical and diagnostic work:

  1. Endovascular interventions in portal hypertension and gastroduodenal bleeding surgery;
  2. Improvement of medical and tactical algorithms for gastric and colorectal tumors, development and introduction into clinical practice of new technologies for the formation of an “artificial stomach” and esophageal-reservoir mouths, expansion of the volume of lymphodissection in gastric cancer surgery and colorectal localization of complicated GIB;
  3. Wide implementation of laparoscopic methods of surgical interventions in gastrointestinal tract surgery.

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences and National Academy

of Sciences of Ukraine, prof. Fomin P.D. in the operating room.


Head of Department of Surgery No.3, Prof. Ivanchov P.V. in the operating room.