Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

Scientific activity

3 doctor’s dissertations are planned:
S.M. Yaroslavska “Peculiarities for pathogenesis, clinic, anesthetic provision and intensive therapy for traumatic disease at children”.
Yu.L. Kuchyn “Multimodal anesthesia at patients with combined trauma during post-traumatic period, during operation and during postoperative period”.

S.O. Dubrov “Disconnecting patients from respirator after performance of long artificial lung ventilation”.

The employees at department took part in international congresses and symposiums in Brussels, Munich, Capetown, Copenhagen, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Cairo, Istanbul, Helsinki, Milan, Barcelona and in cities of Ukraine.
The employees at department for recent 5 years received 11 declarative patents for invention in Ukraine:
The employees of the department at the head with professor F.S. Glumcher took an active part in development of national apparatuses for artificial lung ventilation “Faza-8” and “Briz”. The State Prize of Ukraine in the sphere of science and technology was awarded for development of the latter.


Main directions in scientific research work at department

High-frequency artificial lung ventilation at patients with thoracal pathology and injuries.
Optimization in methods on respiratory support to patients with severe forms for insufficiency of external respiration, including acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Improvement in anesthetic provision at operation on organs of tracheo-bronchial tree and abdominal cavity.
Probe enteroalimentation (nutrition) of patients in early postoperative period.
Anesthetic provision and intensive therapy for patients with injuries.
Forecasting, prevention and intensive therapy for neurosurgical patients.
Clinical statistical grounding the application of prolonged epidural block at surgical treatment of patients with acute pancreatitis.
Differentiated application of methods on efferent therapy at endogenous and exogenous intoxication, liver and kidney failure, autoimmune diseases.
Multimodal anesthesia at patients with injury.