Head of the Department – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Pariy Valentyn Dmytrovych




Professor Pariy Valentyn Dmytrovych

Doctor of Medical of Sciences, Honored Doctor of Ukraine.

In 1981 graduated from Vinnytsia Medical Institute  M.I. Pirogov.

In 2005 Defending a doctoral dissertation on the topic “Medical and social and prophylactic meetings of the first medical and sanitary assistance to the village.”

Professor Zhuravel Volodymyr Ivanovych

Doctor of Medical  of Sciences

In 1974 graduated from Leningrad Sanitary and Hygienic Medical Institute.

In 1994 Defending a doctoral dissertation on the topic “Substantiationoptimization of management systems and management dialects in the protection of health (at the application of the great town, regional and district center).”

Professor Vezhnovets Tetiana Andriivna

Doctor of Medical of Sciences

She graduated from Kyiv Medical Institute.

In 2018 defended her doctoral dissertation on “Socio-psychological modeling of personnel management in the field of health”

Associate Professor Prus Nataliia Volodymyrivna

Candidate of Economic of Sciences

In 1998 graduated from the Luhansk Agricultural Institute

In 2012 defended his dissertation on the topic “Planning a showcase in the system of economic protection.”


Associate Professor Zhila Anatoliy Volodymyrovych

Candidate of Medical of Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy in Law.

In 1977 graduated from Zaporozhia State Medical Institute

In 1988 defending a candidate’s dissertation on the topic “Medical and social aspects of prevention of disability due to coronary heart disease among workers in the mining industry of Kryvbas”.

In 2010 defended dissertation on the degree Ph.D. on the topic ““Improvement of tort proceedings in the public sphere as an important factor in the optimization of medical activity”




Associate Professor Vyshnyvetskyi Ivan Ivanovych

Candidate of Medical  of Sciences

In 2001 graduated from Donetsk National Medical University.

In 2006 defended a candidate’s dissertation on the topic “on “Disorders of the heart rhythm during pregnancy: diagnosis, prognosis, treatment”


kozemyakina Associate Professor Kozhemiakina Tetiana Volodymyrivna

Candidate of Economic of Sciences

In 1995 graduated from Kyiv State Economic University.

In 2004 defended  dissertation on the topic “Economic overhaul of natural resources of commercial enterprises”

Associate Professor Gurianov Vitaliy Grygorovych

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

In 1980 graduated from Donetsk State University

After defending his dissertation on the topic “Penetration of hydrogen through membranes from alloys on the basis of palladium at low (up to room) temperatures.”


Associate Professor Matukova-Yaryha Daiia Gennadiivna

Candidate of Economic Sciences.

She graduated from Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute of the Kyiv National Economic University.

In 2014 defended  dissertation on the topic “Ecological and economic management of the enterprise (for materials of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine)”.


Senior teacher  Novichkova Olena Mykolaivna

In 1995 graduated from Moscow Medical Academy I.M.Sechenov


Senior teacher Terentiuk Vadym Georgiiovych

Candidate of Medical of Sciences

In 2004 defended a candidate’s dissertation

Assistant Korotkyi Oleksandr Volodymyrovych

In 2003 graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University.

In 2019 defended a candidate’s dissertation on the topic “Medico-social organizational organization-functional model of dialogic liquor in the system of ignorant medical practice in the system of ignorance of the first medical supplement”

Associate Professor Matukova Ganna Ilivna

In 2000 graduated from Kyiv National Economic University.

In 2016 defended  doctoral dissertation on “Theoretical and methodological approaches to the development of the competence of the receptionist in the field of economics”.


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