History of department


Head of the department – Pariy Valentyn Dmytrovych


Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine.

From 2008 to the present time – Medical Director of the Clinic “Oberig”.

Member of editorial international project “Development of Secondary Medical Assistance to the Population of Ukraine”.

President of the Zhitomir Region Hospital Charitable Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Health Management. Participant in international projects: project of the European Union “Financing and management in the field of health care in Ukraine”, project EUROPE AID “Support to the development of the system of medical standards in Ukraine”,Association of Health Insurance Funds of Ukraine. The secretary of the expert groupof the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the improvement of health legislation in the conditions of reforming the health care system.

Nominee and graduate of the National Medical Award TOP-100 in Medicine 2009. Laureate of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine for 2010 for a series of scientific works.


The department of Social Hygiene and Health Organization was created on the basis of the  Bogomolets Kyiv Medical Institute in 1982 by order of the Ministry of Health of the Ukrainian SSR N 634 to improve the skills of the senior health care personnel of the Ukrainian SSR.

The new department was organized for the most part at the expense of a course established in 1971 at the department of Social Hygiene and Health Organization of the Bogomolets Kyiv Medical Institute for 10 years (until 1982), this course has trained 1453 heads of treatment and prevention facilities in all regions of Ukraine. The need for training was constantly growing and therefore it became necessary to create an independent department.

The first head of the department was associate professor  Matveeva Anna Petrovna, who headed the department for about three years – from 1983 to 1986. The fate of the first head of the department was assigned to fulfill the most important organizational issues for the creation of a new department. She had to fulfill many instructions of the Rectorate and the teaching staff, and she managed to complete such tasks completely, because under the shoulders of Matveeva Anna Petrovna was the Moscow Scientific and Medical Practice School of Education at the Odessa Medical Institute. In addition, Matveeva A.P. is a participant in the Great Patriotic War, excellent health care (1970), for a long time in the head of medical-preventive establishments, and also worked abroad (China, Brazil, Romania) in embassies in medical positions.

In 1964, she tried her hand at graduate school at the Department of Social Hygiene and Health Organization of the Central Institute for the Advancement of Physicians (Russia, Moscow). Until 1971 she worked as a teacher of this department, and before that she worked for a long time in rural health care in Poltava region.

In 1971  Matveeva A.P. worked at a competition in Kyiv at a medical institute as the head of a training department and a senior lecturer in the department of social hygiene and health care organization.

Matveeva A.P. had extensive experience as a health organizer and scientist; this led to her appointment as head of the department. She, as the head of the department, paid a lot of attention to teaching. It is Matveeva A.P. who became the initiator of cadets’ appraisal certification, she developed and applied the methodology of quality control of lectures.

The first club of students of the department consisted of 33 persons, among whom were trained chief physicians of the Central district hospitals.

The first teachers at the department were Dmitrieva Z.D., Duchinsky B.M., Shvetsov V.S., Sokolenko T.F., Tkach L.I., Marynyako A.Z.

The history of the department left good memories of the candidate of medical sciences Dmitriev Z.D. literate teacher, who passed the school of the Department of Social Hygiene and Health Organization of  the Bogomolets Kiev National Institute. Unfortunately, Zinaida Dmitrievna passed a way and did not fully disclose her talent as an educator of management staff.

At that time, the department passed the competition for the posts of teachers Duchinsky B.M., who had extensive practical experience in medical institutions, the deputy chief doctor of the regional hospital Shvetsov V.V., and  later teachers of the department became Tkach L.I., Sokolenko T.F. and . Marynyaka A.Z., who have gained experience in scientific and personnel medical institutes. Teachers were constantly working on curriculum development, trying to keep in touch with the best medical institutions in Kyiv, constantly looking for advanced and effective forms of work.

The history of the modern department of management cannot be considered without its creative connections with the Moscow Central Institute for the Improvement of Doctors (Rector –  Kovrigina M.D.). At that time, the Institute successfully completed a scientific work on “Professional requirements for the chief physician of the city polyclinic (not affiliated with the hospital)”, so the department gained new knowledge on the problems of managing outpatient care, medical records with great interest.

The department worked to improve the industry leaders. At the time, there did not seem to be any professional problem that would not be addressed during the teaching process in lectures or practical classes.

It is worth noting that the department laid the foundations for training specialists in thematic courses. The latter are still perhaps the main form of specialist training.

A progressive phenomenon was the department of providing cadets with collections of scientific information, methodological material, etc. The cadets returned to their jobs fully armed with up-to-date knowledge and practical skills. This form of education is still mandatory today.

At the department were outgoing cycles of study in Zhytomyr, Mykolaiv, Poltava, Odessa, Kherson, Chernivtsi regions. A system of lectures was introduced by health care managers, in particular the Minister and his deputies.

From 1987 to 1993 the department was headed by Associate Professor Anatoliy Zelinsky, a pupil of Vinnitsa Medical Institute (1950), a participant of the Great Patriotic War. He worked as the First Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine, had extensive knowledge and extensive experience in providing medical care for the elderly and victims of the Chernobyl accident. Knowledge Zelinsky AM applied in practice those obtained by working in various positions as a curator of health care. He was awarded many orders and medals, enjoyed great authority among his subordinates, loved the pedagogical process, possessed almost all the skills of a leader.

From 1993 to 2000 the department was headed by Anatoliy Shelyuzhenko, who had previously worked as a professor of this department. Graduate of Kharkiv Medical School Professor Shelyuzhenko A.A. worked extensively in practical health care with senior leadership and had sufficient experience in health care organization and management.

There was a time, namely from 2000 to 2002, the department was headed by one of its teachers – associate professor Boris Duchinsky. He is a graduate of the Kyiv Medical Institute, a candidate of medical sciences. A few years ago he passed away. Duchinskiy B.M. was an experienced leader, a principled, good friend, always helping teachers with a wealth of knowledge.

In 2002-2003, the department was headed by Associate Professor Slabkiy Gennady, who later became a professor, defended his doctoral dissertation. He has written many scientific papers on organization (rendering) of outpatient care. Previously worked in senior positions in Donetsk region, worked as an associate professor at the Department of Management of Donetsky Medical University.Slabkiy  G.O. was seriously engaged in scientific work and published more than 350 scientific works.

From 2003 to 2010, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences  Ledoschuk B.A. began to lead the department. Professor Ledoschuk B.A. is a graduate of the Blagovischenskiy State Medical Institute, where he completed his residency and postgraduate studies, defending his residency and postgraduate studies and Philosopher defended  thesis in 1975. Worked in senior positions of health care institutions of Ukraine (Deputy Chief Doctor of Mykolaiv Regional Hospital, Deputy Chief of the Department of Medical Prophylactic Aid of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Head of the Medical and Sanitary Service of Atomic Energy and Uranium Industry of the Ministry of Energy). Boris Aleksandrovych participant in the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophy 1986-1988.Participated in many international scientific projects. Head of the Laboratory of the Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. He introduced scientific and pedagogical training of his own staff.

Professor Ledoschuk B.O. has been devoting new forms and methods of teaching healthcare management with the use of new computer technologies. With the support of the university’s management, a new material and technical base of the department was created, a computer class was created, a multimedia lecture was presented. The system of the automated accounting of cadets, office management is developed. New thematic improvement programs have been developed, including the organization of scientific research. A scientific conference with printed materials was organized and held on December 6, 2007, before the 25th anniversary of the department. During the leadership of Boris A., experienced teachers were invited and worked at the department, such as Uvarenko A.R., Pariy V.D., Kolyadenko N.V., Latyshev E.E.,  Nekrasova L.S., and  Mytnyk Z.N., who have introduced new knowledge and practical skills in the work of the department. Professor Uvarenko A.R. began reading a course on scientific and information resources; Professor Parij VD’s lectures were devoted to the problems of financing the department; Professor Cheban V.I., senior lecturer Podrushnyak V.B. devoted his lectures to research technology. successfully lectured on the nature of the reserve management industry. Also, the department successfully lectured on bioethics. Preference was given to the experience and scientific status of the lecturer. During the period of leadership of the department Professor Ledoschuk B.O. two doctoral and three PhD theses were planned and defended, about 100 scientific articles and four monographs were published, including evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiology.

From 2010 to 2012, the Department was headed by the Vice-Rector for International Relations of the Bogomolets National Medical University, Honored Health Worker of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Gulchiy Olesya Petrivna, who was a representative of Ukraine in the WHO European Bureau .

With the advent of management Gulchyi O.P. the department  received new development aimed at introducing modern international achievements in the preparation of the management of health care institutions. She co-authored a new program for postgraduate training for health care managers, majoring in Healthcare Management, and was developed as part of a European Union project on Promoting Secondary Health Care Reform in Ukraine.

Gulchiy Olesya Petrivna taking into account the European approaches to the organization of postgraduate education of the heads of health care institutions,  initiated the renaming of the department. Since 2010 the department has been called the Department of Healthcare Management.

From 2012 to the present time the department is headed by Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Pariy Valentyn Dmytrovych. The professor is the President of the Charity organization “Hospital cashier of the Zhytomyr region”, the Chairman of the Association of hospital cash desks of Ukraine, the Consultant of the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. He was actively involved in the development of the State Medicines Form.

Nominee and graduate of the National Medical Award TOP-100 in Medicine 2009, laureate of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (2010), Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Secretary of the expert group of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on improvement of health legislation in the conditions of health care reform.

Pariy Valentyn Dmytrovych is a member of the editorial boards of the Eastern European Journal, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and Medical Standardization, and the Health Department. Laureate of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine for 2010 for a series of scientific works. Member of the specialized scientific council D26.613.07 for the defense of doctoral dissertations ofNational Medical Academy Postgraduate Education Shupik P.L. Author of more than 200 scientific papers, 5 monographs, 6 manuals, 2 utility model patents, 2 copyright certificates.

Pariy V.D. initiated the introduction of distance learning at the department. He initiated the development and implementation of the thematic improvement cycle “Medical Law” and “Management of Quality of Health Care”.

As of March 2020, the teaching staff of the Department of Healthcare Management (undergraduate and postgraduate education) is as follows: professor, doctor of medical sciences Pariy Valentin Dmytrovych (reforming the health care system of Ukraine, economic relations in the health care system, clinical audit, quality of care management, pharmacoeconomic analysis, public administration); professor, doctor of medical sciences Zhuravel Volodymyr Ivanovych (self-management, management as a science and practice, providing management activity in managed social systems, systems theory and system methodology, quality management of ISO-9000 standard, management decision, organization of information service with limited access, personnel management); professor, doctor of medical sciences Shkrobanets Igor Dmytrovych (healthcare as a system, healthcare reform, public administration, State Health Policy, algorithm for management decision making at the regional level in the medical sector, main areas of reforming the healthcare system at the oblast level and tasks of local authorities and authorities the executive board); professor, doctor of medicine Vezhnovets Tetiana (psychology of management, medical ethics, deontology and psychology in the organization of providing medical help, professional psychological selection, motivation of medical workers, conflictology); assistant professor, candidate of economics of sciences, associateprofessor Prus Natalia (economics, business planning, marketing, financing in health care), candidate of medical of sciences, associateprofessor Zhila Anatoliy (management, marketing and economics in health care, law and medicalof right); candidate of medical of sciences, associate professor Taran Vira (health economics, management and marketing in health care); candidate of medical of sciences, associateprofessor Vyshnivetskyi Ivan (study of the quality of medical care delivery, implementation of evidence-based medicine achievements in practice, pharmacoeconomics issuesand rational resource allocation, clinical epidemiology); candidate of economics of sciences, associate professor  Kozhemyakina Tetiana (international economic relations, restructuring of industrial mechanical engineering enterprises); candidate of physical and mathematical of sciences, associateprofessor Gurgyanov Vitaliy (biostatistics, statistical analysis of medical research results, statistical methods in medicine, evidence-based medicine); seniorlecturer, Ph.D. from the state. management Kiselova Lesia Anatoliivna (document circulation and documentation support, organization of archival case in the free health zone); senior lecturer Olena Novichkova, (evidence-based medicine, quality of care and patient safety, marketing and strategic health planning, continuing medical education); candidate of economics of sciences, associate professor Matukova-Yaryha Darya (economics and enterprise management, management and marketing, business planning, public administration); candidate of medical of sciences, senior lecturer Vadym Terentyuk (automated information systems for healthcare facilities management, e-health development in Ukraine), assistant professor, Ph.D.of medicine Oleksandr Korotkyi (primary care in Ukraine, public health), doctor of pedagogical of sciences, professor, associateprofessor Anna Matukova (economics and enterprise management, management and marketing, business planning, public administration), candidate of medical of sciences, associate professor Moldavanov Mykhailo Ivanovych (strategic planning in health care).

Over 13,000 specialists have been trained in the healthcare sector during the department’s activity. The department and its employees are constantly developing, improving themselves, gaining new knowledge to reach professional peaks.

Practical classes are conducted at the department on the basis of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center of Zhytomyr, on the basis of the Hospital base of the Zhytomyr region, on the basis of the clinic “Oberig”. Students-cadets have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of both public and private healthcare institutions.