Department of therapy, infectious disease and dermatology of postgraduate education

Scientific work

The responsible person is Zaitsev Ihor Anatoliyovych, MD, PhD, Professor

At the Department of Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Dermatovenereology of Postgraduate Education scientific research is carried out on the topic “Improvement of the treatment of internal diseases through syndromological diagnostics in the clinic of internal and infectious diseases” (registration number – 0116U000120, implementation term – 2016-2018 years).

As part of the research work, the graduates of the Department studied and wrote on the following topics:

1) Damage to the lower parts of the gastrointestinal tract associated with the use of acetylsalicylic acid in cardiac patients.


The Department of Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Dermatovenereology Postgraduate Education was awarded for its active participation in the development of student science at the Bogomolets National Medical University.



We sincerely thank you for acknowledging our work!


The dissertation work for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the field of knowledge “Health care” in the speciality “Medicine” is carried out at the Department. The topic of the dissertation is “The diagnostic capabilities of non-invasive biomarkers in the drug-related intestinal lesions in patients with osteoarthritis”. The scientific supervisor is OlenaYuriiva Gubska, MD, PhD, Professor. Аuthor of the work is Andriy Anatoliyovych Kuzminets, MD.