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Student Scientific Extracurricular Group


The basic location of the student scientific extracurricular group sessions is a Department of Prosthetic Dentistry of the Stomatological Medical Centre of Bogomolets National Medical University (1, Zoologichna street, Kyiv).

The sessions of the group are held according to the schedule. The sessions are conducted both in the classes and using distance technologies. The sessions of the group are dedicated to the up-to-date trends of diagnostics and treatment in prosthetic stomatology (removable and fixed prostheses, aesthetic prostheses, implant prostheses, application of digital technologies, therapy of the certain nosologies, etc.). The themes of the sessions are closely related to the Chair tutors’ study directions. The sessions are held twice a month.

A method of extensive studying important issues and trends of the prosthetic stomatology is completing the theme essays by the students, which they present on the student group sessions. The Student group members actively participate in clinical examination of the patients.

The Chair staff has classes with the students –members of the Group, discussing interesting clinical cases of prosthetic stomatology, studying the patients cases and defining problems of therapy according to the treatment algorithms. Such tutors as the head of the Chair – professor Nespryadko V.P., associate professors Kostiuk T.M. and Gushcha D.K., assistants Simonenko R.V., Borysenko D.A., Tiazhkorob T.V. participate in the sessions of the Group.

The person, responsible for organizing the student scientific Group sessions, is an associate professor Kostiuk TetianaMykhailivna.  For enquiries on all issues of the Group sessions, please, refer to the auxiliary personnel room of the prosthetic stomatology Chair.


The activity of the Group members is various:

Clinical examination of the case patients.


Mastering laboratory stages of the prosthesis construction fabrication.


Defining integrated treatment and diagnostic algorithms and rehabilitation schemes for the prosthetic patients.


Participation in various scientific All-Ukrainian and International conferences.


Holding mini-lectures and reporting the study results.

Attending the scientific events.

Studies within the research of the Chair theme.



Our achievements:


Welcome to our Scientific Student Group!