Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Prosthetic Dentistry

Teaching and guiding work

Dental orthopedics department is supporting one in Ukraine among the relevant departments. At the site of the department it is conducted meetings of specialists of high medical institutions of Ukraine on the issues of teaching methods of dental orthopedics, preparation of internees on dental prosthesis and maxillo-facial orthopedics.

The department staff prepared and published:

  • Special curriculum and majors program (an internship) of graduates of high medical institutions of the 3 rd and 4 th accreditation levels on occupation “Dental orthopedics”.
  • A program on dental orthopedics for the students of dental faculties of high medical institutions of the 3 rd and 4 th accreditation levels in which are included the orthopedics treatment specialties:

• in parodontosis;

• in TMJ pathology;

• in pathology of teeth hard tissues;

• in secondary adentia or dention deformation;

• prosthetics in complete absence of teeth;

• maxillo-facial orthopedics;

• prosthesis using dental implants.

  • The elective course in dental orthopedics “Modern technologies of dental prosthesis”.
  • Typical curriculum and training program of medicine magisters on “Dental orthopedics”.
  • Databases for the tests of the licensed examinations “Krok-2, dentistry”.

The basic concept of teaching at the department is the involvement of students in a practical work.

Clinical training of students is carried out at the clinical site dental orthopedics department of the dental medical center of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine under NMU named after O.O. Bogomolets.

The clinical site is equipped with 54 dental units.

The department building consist of clinical rooms, training rooms, methodical rooms, museum of phantoms of the main sections of maxillo-facial prosthesis, functional diagnostics room and a dental prosthesis laboratory with a foundry.

At the department there are training rooms equipped with the latest scientific and dental equipment. Consequently, the students are able to get acquainted with modern methods of diagnosis while working at the functional diagnostics room with a computerized orthopantomograph Planmeca, automated instrument for study of jaw movements Condylocomp, computerized electroneuromyograph Esaotebiomedika. There is also a training room of dental implantology which contains phantoms, video and photo materials, macromodels of the accessories required for prosthodontics, diagnostic models for studying the methods of dental implant-retained prosthetics. The laboratory classes on dental prosthesis with fixed one-piece constructions are carried out in specialized dental laboratories, equipped with vacuum firing furnaces for firing ceramics and equipment for polymerization of composites, which are equipped with microcomputers. In dental foundry which is equipped with dental muffle furnaces and induction foundry with microprocessor management the students get acquainted with firing technology.

The department staff constantly works on implementation into a learning process of new technologies of dental prosthesis which were developed both in Ukraine and abroad.

The department is a clinical site for studying of internees on occupation “Dental orthopedics”. It is improved teaching methods of some sections using video equipment and training software. The training is carried out under the guidance of qualified department lecturers. It is also developed the department clinical site – there are additional rooms with modern equipment. Such approaching internees training can improve their theoretical level and the level of professional excellence.


One of the clinical rooms at the dental orthopedics department