Social protection of employees and students

The social policy of trade union for staff and students is directed to improve the work on social protection of staff and students, to provide with rights, to preserve and to increase the financial wealth, to establish the appropriate safe conditions for work and study, to organize rest and health improvement.soc1

The following facilities are at service to staff and students of the University:

  • sanatorium-preventorium per 75 places, which functions during academic year as the establishment of stationary type that enables the students to improve their health without discontinuing study. It has the comfortable conditions, clinical nutrition three times a day, physical therapeutic procedures, gym for therapeutic physical training, etc. There is the dental surgery on the base of the sanatorium-preventorium.
  • Sports and fitness camp “Medic”, located on the bank of the river Kozynka in village Pyatykhatky Obukhiv district Kyiv region that enables the staff, students and members of their families having the complete rest in summer. There are sports yards for volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, ping-pong, boating station, surfing, sport tools hire, summer cinema.
  • System that grants the privileged permits for students during summer and winter holidays to rest and to improve health at Black and Azov seas, in the Carpathians, at resorts of Prycarpattya, Zakarpattya, etc.;
  • System on consulting and medical aid to employees of the university and members of their families on the base of clinical departments;
  • System for health improvement of staff and students, who require the treatment at sanatorium establishments with different specializations due to health level.
  • Center of public catering, which includes canteens and cafeterias in academic buildings and hostels, where the system of decreased prices was implemented and the possibility to have the complex catering was provided;
  • International cultural center invites to: folk bandura players choir, bandura players ensemble, bandura players trio; folk instruments orchestra, ensembles of violinists, triple musicians, cymbalists, pipe players, bayan players, violoncellists, chamber orchestra “Medychna kamerata”, instrumental quartet of Syrian students; folk dance ensemble “Metelytsya”, modern dance studio, ballroom dances ensemble, dance ensemble from Nigeria, choreographic miniature theater, recitation studio, vocal studio, musical trio; chamber choir, group of historical fencing “Masky”. The highly skilled managers of collectives welcome all comers.
  • Public unions on propagation of health life style;
  • Students tourist club “Medokhody” that unites the fans of traveling and adventures and regularly organizes the trips to famous cities in Ukraine and the near abroad.

soc2The students of the University regularly receive up to 5 ths. free tickets to visit the museums, exhibitions, concert halls and theaters in city Kyiv for artistic aesthetic self-improvement.

There is the excursion program “My Ukraine is my unique Motherland”, historical educational “Club for admirers of old Kyiv” to deepen the knowledge on history of Ukraine and its capital at the University. In “Club of elite meetings” the students communicate with modern political and public leaders.

The free master classes on psychology, business, computer technologies and jurisprudence are organized to enlarge the general education of the students.

The projects “Sport as the basics for healthy life style”, “Let’s arrange our city”, “Open your heart”, “Let’s help to sick children”, “Race under chestnut trees”, “Professional volunteering” are successful.

The students receive the answers to urgent questions on basics of state and law at the meetings of “Legal lecture center”, held by famous lawyers of Ukraine.

“Quest”, “Mafia”, Brain ring, Legal support for NMU’s student, Cup of trade union on football in gym, “Teacher of the year, students’ version”, “Speed dating” and “Miss NMU” were launched and are held.

The employees of the University and war and labor veterans are honored and receive different kinds of awards and prizes to commemorate significant achievement in work, job for many years, active part in public life of the collective, on occasion of state holidays and personal jubilees.

The students-orphans, invalids, ones, who suffered from breakdown at Chernobyl NPS, receive the financial aid and social stipend, regardless of average score in study, are provided with free catering, accommodation at hostels, reduced fare tickets in public transport in order to improve the financial situation.

The students, who study well and take an active part in public life of the University, are encouraged with monetary prizes, financial aid, valuable gifts on occasion of professional holiday – Medical Worker Day, Student’s Day, New Year, other holidays.soc4
The employees of the University, if necessary, receive the financial aid at the expense of the University and trade union budget.

The students are granted with fare reduced tickets and can order the monthly tickets online in the site of trade union

The administration and trade union committees of staff and students cooperate in the following directions in order to solve the priority issues of social economical protection:

  • Provision of the employees at the University with accommodation that is the efficient stimulus in the work, provision with rooms at hostels both to students and employees, who require them;
  • Stage-by-stage furnishing the working places with modern equipment, provision with safe working conditions in order to reduce the number of employees, who work in harmful conditions;
  • Enlargement of recreation area for the employees of the University;
  • Health improvement of employees, students and members of their families at the expense of social insurance, trade union budget, administration of city Kyiv and administration of the University;
  • Health improvement not only for students but the employees of the University, who requires it, on the base of sanatorium-preventorium;
  • Increase in role of cultural educational work through organization of parties, collective visits of concerts, theatrical performances and other actions, held at the University, in city Kyiv and outside it.