Laws and regulations

Law of Ukraine “On staff unions, their rights and guarantees of activity”
Law of Ukraine “On education”
Law of Ukraine “On higher education”
Law of Ukraine “On scientific and technological activities”
Labor Code of Ukraine
Law of Ukraine “On vacation”
Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approving the provision of basic annual vocation of 56 calendar days to executives employees of schools and institutions of education, training (teaching) units and other agencies and institutions, teaching, research and teaching staff and research workers”
Law of Ukraine “On collective contracts and agreements”
Law of Ukraine “On remuneration of labour”
Law of Ukraine “On occupational safety protection”
Law of Ukraine “On the collection and accounting of an unified compulsory state social insurance”
Law of Ukraine “On compulsory state social insurance in case of temporary disability and costs related to burial”
Law of Ukraine “On state aid to families with children”
Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approval of procedure of determination and payment of state aids to families with children”


Charter of Trade Union (download the .DOC file)

Collective Agreement (download the .DOC file)

Examples of applications (download the .DOC file)