Head of the Department

Natrus Larysa Valentynivna – Doctor of Medicine, Professor


Natrus Larysa Valentynivna, born in 1971, graduated from Donetsk State Medical University with a degree in general medicine (1994). Since 1994 she was working at DonNMU as an assistant, since 2003 as an associate professor. She defended her dissertation (1999), doctoral (2007), for more than 10 years leaded the Neurophysiological Laboratory for the Study of Brain Neurons Impulse Activity. In 2005 she received the academic title of associate professor, in 2011 – professor. Scientific and pedagogical experience for 25 years, total 30. English level- B2. H-number – 6 Google scholar, 1- Scopus.

In 2003-2014 she was the head of the laboratory research department of the Educational-Scientific-Medical Center “University Clinic” of DonNMU, she specialized in “Clinical Biochemistry” (2004), “Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics” (2013) and “Organization and Management of Health Care (2009)”, “Laboratory Genetics”(2016), has the highest qualification category in Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics.

From October 2014 till September 2020 she worked as the director of the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the Bogomolets National Medical University.

L.V. Natrus is the founder and organizer of teaching the discipline “Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics” at the undergraduate level. In 2013-2014 she was the head of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of DonNMU. Under her leadership for the first time in Ukraine work programs were developed, guidelines and textbooks for students were compiled (including in English). Since 2015 she organized an elective course “Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics” at the Department of Biological and Bioorganic Chemistry of Bogomolets NMU for students of 5-6 years.

Member of the specialized scientific council of DonNMU in the field of “Normal Physiology”, “Hygiene and Occupational Pathology” (2010-2014). Since 2018 is a member of the specialized scientific council D 64.600.02 at KhNMU (speciality Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics); is a member of the International Society of Neuroscience (FENS) of the Ukrainian branch (since 2004), vice-president of the Ukrainian Physiological Society named after P.G. Kostyuk (2010-2014).

L.V. Natrus has more than 270 published scientific and educational works, 15 patents and copyright certificates. Co-author of the National Textbook of Clinical Biochemistry for cadets of postgraduate education, 3 monographs and more than 140 scientific and methodological works and textbooks, including recommended for publication by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Under her supervision were defended 1 doctoral and 3 candidate dissertations.

In 2017 she was chosen an expert of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on laboratory diagnostics. In 2017 she was chosen vice-president of the Association for Quality Assurance of Laboratory Medicine.

In 2018 she attended an international training course “Training for Trainers” organized by the American Union of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to master the methods and techniques of training specialists to meet compliance requirements ISO 15189 standard and received a certificate for the program of preparation of medical laboratories for accreditation. At the training in April 2018 she received the status of mentor and auditor and joined the group of National Experts (and mentors) to evaluate the work of laboratories to determine the basic efficiency and readiness for accreditation according to the international standard ISO 15189. Within the framework of the project “Support to the strengthen of laboratories in countries with limited resources in the framework of the US President’s Emergency Initiative in dealing with HIV / AIDS (PEPFAR)”, in collaboration with international consultants of the American Clinical Pathology Association, participated in determining the basic effectiveness and readiness for accreditation of five pilot laboratories in Kyiv and Odesa: – use of the checklist “Gradual improvement of the quality of laboratories in the process of preparation for accreditation” (SLIPTA), – participation in the preparation of evaluation results.

In 2019 in the team of National Trainers conducted a training on the implementation of a structured program to improve the quality of the laboratory among teachers of educational institutions in order to strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian higher education institutions, which train laboratory specialists with medical and non-medical education.


Associate Professor, Ph.D. of the Department Tanasiychuk Iryna Serhiivna


Tanasiychuk Iryna Serhiivna, born in 1977, graduated from Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv in 1999 with a degree in Cytology, Histology and Biology of Individual Development and received a master’s degree. In 2000 after specialization in clinical laboratory diagnostics at the Kyiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education she received the title of specialist in “Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics” and currently has the highest qualification category in this specialty. In 2006 at the Bogomolets National Medical University defended her dissertation on the specialty 14.03.09 “Histology, cytology, embryology” and received the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Since 1999 she was working in the field of clinical laboratory diagnostics: first as a laboratory doctor of the clinical diagnostic laboratory of Kyiv City Tuberculosis Hospital №1, then as a laboratory doctor of Kyiv City Tuberculosis Hospital №10, then as the head of privately owned laboratories and health care facilities. Her last job was at the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, where she held the position of Head of the Laboratory Management Department.

From 2009 till 2012 she worked as a senior researcher at the Department of Endoecology and Man-Made Induced Pathology of the Institute of Sorption and Endoecology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, where she studied the importance of endogenous intoxication in the development of man-made human pathology and premature aging.

From 2015 till 2020 she worked at the P.L. Shupyka National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education as an assistant at the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, where in addition to the actual pedagogical activities as part of the working group developed a curriculum and program cycle TI on the topic: “Implementation of international standards in medical laboratories”, supposed to train teachers of higher medical institutions. She is the author of 22 scientific works, including one monograph, co-authorship of one section in the textbook and 3 patents for a utility model. She is a highly qualified specialist in the field of integrated quality management of clinical laboratory research based on international standards and protocols.




Chernovol Petro Anatoliyovych – assistant of the department


Chernovol Petro Anatoliyovych, born in 1966, graduated from Donetsk State University in 1991 with a degree in biochemistry and teaching. For more than 20 years he worked as a laboratory doctor in the emergency department of the clinical diagnostic laboratory and in the intensive care unit of cardiac surgery. He has the first qualification category of a laboratory doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics, has skills in the general clinical and biochemical methods and is constantly improving his professional level.

From September 2011 he worked as an assistant at the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, Laboratory Diagnostics and Clinical Physiology of M. Gorky Donetsk National Medical University, practical classes with cadets of primary specialization “Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics”, interns -laboratory workers, with students of medical and pharmaceutical faculty. In 2014 he was chosen by competition for the position of assistant in the department of laboratory diagnostics of DonNMU. After the evacuation of DonSMU to Krasny Lyman, he continued to work as an assistant in the course of laboratory diagnostics at the Department of Infectious Diseases of Gorky DonSMU in Kramatorsk.

From 2015 he worked as a researcher in the laboratory of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of Bogomolets NMU, part-time assistant in the Department of Biological and Bioorganic Chemistry of Bogomolets NMU. In 2019 he leaded the laboratory of experimental research at the Research Institute. In September 2019 he was transferred to the position of assistant of the Educational and Scientific Center for Continuing Professional Education of the Bogomolets National Medical University to teach Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics.

P.A. Chernovol – co-author of a textbook on laboratory diagnostics of the hemostasis system, work programs developed at NMU on the issues of teaching of laboratory diagnostics at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. From 2016 he conducted an elective course in Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics, thematic improvement courses for cadets in clinical biochemistry and laboratory hematology, and a cycle of primary specialization in clinical laboratory diagnostics.

He regularly speaks at regional meetings of laboratory doctors of Ukrainian regional centers, as well as participates in annual exhibitions and conferences on laboratory diagnostics. He underwent internships in various areas of laboratory medicine in Ukraine and abroad: mastered cloning, chromogenic and turbodimetric methods of hemostasis, determination and interpretation of blood parameters on hematological analyzers, as well as other areas of modern clinical and laboratory research.

He has 20 printed works and 3 patents for a utility model and 1 for an invention, is directly involved in the implementation of all new research methods and adaptation of new equipment. P.A. Chernovol’s scientific activity is carried out in the field of studying of vascular-platelet hemostasis. He researches platelet aggregation properties in patients with various pathologies and has his own scientific research in studying the properties of platelet-enriched plasma.

General pedagogical experience 9 years. Medical experience – 27 years. English level – B1. Google Scholar Index – 2.

Completes the dissertation for the degree of candidate of biological sciences: “Aggregation and histotrophic properties of platelets for connective tissue repair in hyperglycemia” in the specialty 03.00.13 – human and animal physiology (biological sciences).




Assistant of the department Zelinska Marina Vyacheslavovna


Zelinska Maryna Vyacheslavovna – has a biological education and experience in a clinical diagnostic laboratory. In 2020 she took a course of primary specialization in Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics at Bogomolets National Medical University. In 2018 she took thematic improvement courses “Topical issues of laboratory hematology”, thematic improvement courses “Modern problems of clinical biochemistry”.

In 2010-2020 she worked as a senior laboratory assistant in the Department of Pathophysiology of Bogomolets National Medical University. In the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine takes an active part in implementation for state budget applied research “To study the importance of genetic factors and external influences in the development and progression of microcirculatory complications in diabetes type 2” State Registration №  0118U001214 (Head: prof. Natrus L.V.) and conducts research in laboratory hematology in the laboratory of the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine.




Assistant of the department, Ph.D. Biology –Yulia Hryhorivna Klys is responsible for the scientific work of the department


Yulia Hryhorivna Klys, born in 1980, graduated from the Faculty of Biology of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 2004. She received a diploma of a specialist in “Biochemistry”. In 2009-2016 – she pursued postgraduate studieds in NSC “Institute of Biology” of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (without separation from production), in 2019 – defended her dissertation in “Biochemistry” and received the degree of Ph.D., Biology. From 2007 she worked as a researcher in the Laboratory of Biochemistry of the Institute of Otolaryngology named after Prof. O.S. Kolomiychenko National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, actively conducts research to improve methods of diagnosis and prediction of precancerous diseases of the upper respiratory tract, studies the components of the hemostasis system and functionally related enzymatic systems in inflammatory and oncological diseases of the ENT organs.

Since 2019 she has been working in the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine as the head of the laboratory of experimental research.

At the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine she mastered the methods of molecular genetic research to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) using real-time PCR and quantify mRNA to assess the expression of intracellular proteins. Performs a fragment of research for the Ukrainian-German project “The role of tripartite cross-interaction of the immune system, intestines and glial cells in the development of hypothalamic inflammation, metabolic disorders, obesity and diabetes (TriDiMeD)” to study blood and spleen cells and determine their immunological profile in rats with a model of type 2 diabetes. Conducts classes with post-graduate students on Laboratory research methods (hemostasis methods, ELISA, molecular genetic). She is the author of 44 scientific works, including 19 articles, 20 abstracts in scientific conferences and congresses, 1 guideline, 2 utility model patents, co-authored 2 chapters in a monograph, including in a foreign publication. Google Scholar Index – 2.