Training and methodological work


Educational and methodical work is carried out at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the following areas:

  • Clinical laboratory diagnostics
  • Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment
  • Functional diagnostics
  • Radiation diagnostics


Curricula and programs of the department are adapted to professional European programs. Teaching is conducted in Ukrainian, English and Russian.


The department has developed working programs for all types of postgraduate training according to the Curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Work-study plan for 2020-2021

To obtain a permission, you must fill in the form and contact the responsible person of the department

Clinical laboratory diagnostics, endoscopic diagnostics and treatment, radiation diagnostics – assistant of the department Ryzhko Iryna Mykolayivna,, Viber 098-457-99-96; 098-648-02-90,

Functional diagnostics in cardiology – associate professor of the department Andreev Yevhen Volodymyrovych, 067-909-82-91


Registration form for advanced training courses (I WILL ADD)


At the undergraduate level for students of 5th and 6th year of medical faculties Field of knowledge 22 Health care, specialty 222 – “Medicine” and 226 – “Pediatrics” offered elective courses


“Biochemical bases of clinical laboratory diagnostics”, for 5th year students


“Clinical biochemistry and laboratory diagnostics” for 6th year students.


Teaching the discipline is aimed at the forming and improving the professional skills of general practitioners and family doctors in order to interpret the results of laboratory tests based on a holistic view of biochemical and physiological processes in the body.



The purpose and assignments of the discipline:

  • mastering the principles of rational use of laboratory algorithms in various forms of pathology,
  • formation of students’ stable skills in the application of methods of clinical biochemistry and clinical laboratory diagnostics in the medical-diagnostic process,
  • ability to interpret the results of laboratory tests based on a holistic view of biochemical and physiological processes in the body.


Lectures and classes are held in the measuring laboratories of the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine (1-2 floors of the physico-chemical building) using the research base and equipment of the institute’s laboratories to demonstrate the main modern clinical and diagnostic capabilities of laboratory medicine.

The department is provided with all necessary methodical materials in the form of textbooks, multimedia presentations, situational tasks, etc.




The discipline Laboratory Diagnostics is taught for 4th year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the department.





  1. Formation of professional competence of the manager of quality of the medical laboratory according to the ISO 15189 standard
  2. Laboratory diagnosis of the hemostasis system
  3. Clinical encephalography in the diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system in children and adults
  4. Laboratory diagnostics in oncohematology, pediatric oncohematology