Department of otorhinolaryngology

Students’ Scientific Club

Head of the students ENT club (position, science degree):

Associate Professor, PhD Didkovsky Vyacheslav Leonidovich



Monitor of students ENT club Razmuk Petro, Faculty of Pedagogical and Computer Science, V course tel. 099 317 9909



Venue: The meetings of the group are held on the basis of the Kyiv City Center for Restorative Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery of ENT organs and border regions of the head and neck of KMCH № 12, 9 floor 2 times a month according to the plan.



The main directions of scientific work of the students ENT club:


  • Emergency ENT assistance
  • Tonsillary problem
  • Chronic rhinitis
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Diagnosis and treatment of middle ear pathology


Forms of activities:


  • Student reports
  • Presenting the results of student research papers in collaboration with scientific leaders
  • Mastering practical skills in the specialty of the department: endoscopic examination of ENT organs, audiometry
  • Watching and parsing training films
  • Discuss recent publications in leading professional publications
  • Conducting an otolaryngology section at annual student conferences







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