Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

Scientific Work

Coordinator: – Ganna Shapovalova, Candidate of Medical Sciences,  assistant professor,


Main directions of work:

 primary prevention of dental hard and periodontal tissues diseases in children living in unfavorable environmental condition (in the conditions of action of small doses of radiation after Chernobyl disaster);

 early diagnosis, changes in local immunity of the oral cavity, features of treatment and prevention of main dental diseases in children and adolescents against comorbid pathology;

 diagnosis, treatment and pathogenetically justified prevention of oral mucosal diseases;

 determining the leading role of general and local factors in the development of main dental diseases;

 primary prevention of carious lesion at different stages of enamel mineralization by studying changes in the morphology and chemical composition of dental enamel in permanent teeth;


Research work of the department

Research work (2019-2021): “Clinical features, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases in children with developmental disorders”, State registration number 0119U100454

Scientific adviser: Professor O.V. Savichuk


Number of dissertations (1989-2019) – 39, including doctoral dissertations – 5; of candidates – 34.

Published scientific articles (1989-2019) – 683

SCOPUS Scientific Papers – 20 (Articles – 14; Abstracts – 6)

WoS Scientific Publications – 3

Citation of publications of employees of the department:

SCOPUS Index of the Departmen – 4

Google Scholar Hirsch Index – 108

Number of patents (1989-2019) –106:


Publishing activity: 68 publications: 17 textbooks; manuals – 20; monographs – 4; dictionaries – 6; guidelines – 5; newsletters – 2.