Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Dental therapy

Information for students


The Department of Dental therapy conducts training at the undergraduate stage of the second (master’s) level of higher education, field of knowledge 22 “Health Care”, specialty 221 “Dentistry”.


The main aim of our activity is the formation of high-quality theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the prevention and conservative treatment of diseases of the teeth, periodontal tissues and oral mucosa.



Disciplines that the department puts in:


Name of the discipline Credits and hours
Introduction into clinical dentistry 2,5 Credits ECТS, 75 hours
Dental therapy ( caries, endodontics, periodontal diseases, oral mucosa diseases ) 18,5 Credits ECТS, 555 hours
Also you have an opportunity to improve your knowledge of Dental therapy choosing the course by choice
Main aspects of collaboration between dentist and assistant 3,0 credits ECТS, 90 hours
Modern aspects of subjective-objective endodontics 3,0 credits ECТS, 90 hours
Effective diagnostics, treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases 3,0 credits ECТS, 90 hours
Composite restorations of aesthetic zone. Art and science between digital and manual correction of the smile 3,0 credits ECТS, 90 hours
Expert criteria of doctor`s mistakes and complications in diagnostic and treatment of oral mucosa diseases 3,0 credits ECТS, 90 hours