Department Surgery №1

Scientific work

Staff of the Department of Surgery №1 of Bogomolets National Medical University work on the following topic: “Development AND IMPLAMANTATION of MODERN SURGICAL INTERVENTIONS ON the ORGANS of the gastrointestinal, HEPATOBILIARY SYSTEM By using of minInvasive TECHNOLOGIES and electric welding of fabrics”. The goal of this work is to increase the effectiveness of surgical treatment of patients with diseases of gastrointestinal tract and hepatobiliary system by using of electric welding technologies in surgical interventions on organs of the gastrointestinal tract and hepatobiliary system, development and improvement of methods of realization of reconstructive-restorative operations on the intestine, the implantation of stenting of the biliary tract, colon, esophagus, widespread use of needle methods biliary decompression ( percutaneous transhepatic) and treatment of purulent complications of abdominal cavity with ultrasound control.
Using clinically introduced puncture treatment methods of purulent processes of organs of abdominal cavity and peritoneal space with using ultrasound control allowed to almost halve the amount of traumatic open surgical interventions with laparotomy access. The incidences of postoperative complications and mortality had decreased more than 1,5 times. An important advantage of this method is the absence of dependence of radiation dose and it is possible to carry out repeated punctures, which have no influence on the general patient conditions.
Authors ‘ collective of the Department of Surgery №1 has prepared a new supplemented edition of the textbook in Russian “Surgery” edited by Professor M.P.Zakharash, published in the July 2011.
Staff of Department of Surgery №1 organize scientific and practical events every year for sharing experiences with scientists and practitioners of Ukraine. Last year we organized 10 meetings of the Kiev Scientific Society of Surgeons, the Head of which was corresponding member of NAMS of Ukraine, Professor M.P.Zakharash. The specialists of the leading scientific-practical surgery clinics in Kiev gave presentations at the meetings. In addition, in 2010 we organized annual Conference with international participation “Laparoscopic technologies in modern surgery” and master class on laparoscopic treatment diaphragmatic hernias with a live broadcast of the audience from the operating room. Our Department doctors operated patients and leading surgeon of the United States, Professor of the medical center Willis-Knighton” William Norwood also participated in these operations. For the first time in Ukraine on May 15, 2010 at the Department it was performed a unique operation – single-port laparoscopic cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder through single incision in the navel). The operation was performed within the framework of master class «a Single-port laparoscopy» by the Department staff with participation of Professor V.N.Yegiieva (Moscow).

Staff of the Department have got 4 patents over the past year:
1) «Method of prophylaxis and treatment of short small intestine» Patent of Ukraine № 24932, bul. №1.
2) «Method of removing ciliated tumor medium-sized ampullary division of the rectum» Patent of Ukraine № 24933, bul. №2.
3) «Method of surgical treatment of hemorrhoids». Patent of Ukraine № 48422. IPC AND 61В 17/00. Application 24.12.2009.
4) «Method of endoscopic polypectomy polyps on the leg in patients with electrical artificial pacemaker» Patent of Ukraine № 52601 from 25.08.2010р.
In 2010, scientists of the Department gave 16 scientific presentations at international and Ukrainian conferences, scientific congresses and symposia. During last year the collective of the Department published 39 scientific articles, 35 of them in the professional editions of VAK-3 – in international applied scientific medical journals, and also 20 abstracts, 5 from them – in foreign forums.

The Department staff particioated in the preparation of the “II Congress of coloproctologists of CIS countries, III Congress of coloproctologists of Ukraine with the participation of countries of Central and Eastern Europe”, which took place on 17-20 may 2011.

At present time staff of the Department have been working to organize and carry out the celebration of the 170th anniversary of Bogomolets National Medical University under the supervision of Professor O.P.Zakharash and the 200th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Department, first Dean of the faculty of the University of St. Vladimir., honored intern, Professor, honorary citizen of Kyiv Volodymyr Opanasovych Karavaiev. Department collective have published a book ”Name in Medical History” about life of outstanding scientific V.O.Karavaiev under edition of Rector of Bogomolets National Medical University, Academician of NAMS of Ukraine, Professor V.F.Moskalenko.