Department Surgery №1

Medical and advisory work

Assistant of the Department of Surgery №1, Ivan Voloshyn is responsible for medical work.


Department doctors of Surgery №1 of Bogomolets National Medical University provide medical consultations and help on two clinical centers located in the leading medical clinics of Kyiv:
1. Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №18. Located at 17 Shevchenko awe. You can find medical and consultation services based on the surgical division (35 beds) and proctologic Department (60 beds).
2. Road clinical hospital №1. It is located at 8 Kotsiubynskogo str. You can find medical and consultation services based on the surgical division (40 beds).

Department of Surgery №1 includes highly qualified surgeons who skillfully combine scientific and practical activity in the healthcare field. The collective members are: 2 Honored doctor of Ukraine: Head of the Department of Surgery №1, corresponding member of AMS of Ukraine, Professor, honored doctor of Ukraine Mykhailo Petrovych Zakharash and Professor of the Department of Surgery №1, honored doctor of Ukraine Oleksandr Ivanovych Poida. 12 (of 15) employees of the Department have the highest qualification category in surgery, 1 employee – first category, 2 – second category.

Head of the Department of Surgery №1, corresponding member of AMS of Ukraine, Professor Mykhailo Petrovych Zakharash has a position of the Department freelance proctologist of Ukrainian Ministry of Health, and assistant of the Department of Surgery №1 Vladyslav Borysovych Korolenko is the main freelance proctologist of the South-Western Railways Medical Service.

Last year the staff of the Department provided consultative help for 7,000 patients, and 1217 patients were operated.
In addition to the surgical help, which provides in the clinical centers of the Department of Surgery №1, employees of the Department annually help the Ukrainian station of emergency medical care of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, ten visits per year.

Ukrainian proctologic center is located on the clinical base of the Department of Surgery №1 (Kyiv city clinical hospital №18) is. The chief of the center is the Head of the Department of Surgery №1, corresponding member of AMS of Ukraine, senior freelance proctologist Ministry of Health of Ukraine, President of «Association of coloproctologist of Ukraine, Professor Mykhailo Petrovych Zkharash.

To implement the educational work among the population of Ukraine concerning the new methods of diagnostics and surgical treatment of diseases and coloproctological profile that are implemented and took place at the Department, leading scientists of the Department annually act in television, radio, publishing articles in scholarly and journalistic publications. Last year there have been 2 interview performances of Professor M.P.Zakharash on tv: «Bioethical aspects of electric welding of tissues » on TV channel «Channel 5» and «Organization of social rehabilitation of ostomy patients in Ukraine» on the TV channel «1+1», 1 speech on «Ukrainian radio» – «Colorectal cancer, problems of diagnostics and treatment»; also 4 articles were published in the newspaper «Health of Ukraine»: «Punction mini-invasive interventions with using the ultrasound control», «Reconstructive operations in the colon surgery», «Diverticular disease of the colon», «Algorithm of surgical care at prehospital and hospital stage coloproctological patients.»

The Department is equipped with medical treatment and diagnostic equipment to carry out highly professional, open specialized, and minimally invasive endoscopic surgical intervention. All the equipment used in the educational process.

Diagnostic X-ray image acquisition system BV libra PHILIPS

Endoscopy Instrument for laparoscopy interventions „Karl Storz”

HDI 5000 Ultrasound System

Endoscopy Instrument for laparoscopy interventions “Ethicon” – ultrasonic scissors «Ultracision»

Universal cryosurgical apparatus “Cryo-Pulse”

Liposuction suction machine

All of the above equipment is used in educational process.


The main directions of diagnostic medical work Department of Surgery №1.


Diagnostics and treatment of all urgent surgical and proctologic diseases.
All kinds of traditional urgent surgical interventions on abdominal organs.
Laparoscopic surgical interventions in urgent surgery, elective surgery, and proctology:

  • diagnostic laparoscopy;
  • operations for acute and chronic cholecystitis;
  • acute appendicitis;
  • hernioplasty inguinal, umbilical, diaphragmatic hernias;
  • gastric banding for obesity;
  • weight loss surgery – gastric sleeve resection in obese patients
  • single-port access cholecystectomy;
  • laparoscopic colectomy, hemicolectomy.


Conservative and surgical treatment of colon diseases:
All kinds of urgent and planned coloproctology based on the Ukrainian proctology center.

  • hemorrhoids;
  • paraproctitis;
  • anal fissure;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • purulent diseases of the perineum;
  • colorectal cancer;
  • family polyposis.


Endoscopy research and operative interventions:

  • videoesophagogastroduodenoscopy;
  • colonoscopy;
  • chromium – gastroduodeno, – colonoscopy.
  • biopsy;
  • endoscopic polypectomy (stomach polyps, colon polyps);
  • sclerosation esophageal varices.


Ultrasound and ultrasound operations:

  • abdomen, breast, thyroid gland ultrasound;
  • ultrasound surgical intervention: a biopsy, drainage of purulent areas of the abdominal cavity, drainage of cysts of the liver, pancreas, kidneys, drainage of the gall bladder and bile ducts, and others.


Operations with roentgenoscopic control:

  • stenting of bile ducts;
  • esophageal stenting;
  • colonic stenting