Department Surgery №1


The primary purpose of education and upbringing of young people is to create favorable conditions for the harmonious development and self-realization of the individual, who would profess universal values ​​and would be able to learn throughout life. During the student years, educational work is especially important because, at this time, there is a final formation of stereotypes of behavior and dominant principles and priorities in the future life of a young person.


The importance of cultivating respect for the chosen profession is emphasized during the classes because a doctor is more than just a career. Work with students is carried out regularly to form a sense of responsibility and appropriate psychological climate, issues of student discipline, learning outcomes, organization of independent work and behavior during the learning process in classrooms, and the department’s clinical base.


By their own behavior, employees of the department show an example of compliance with ethical norms in everyday life.


Also, the department’s staff annually takes part in the main profile medical scientific and practical activities and undergo internships abroad. Last year, the department’s staff organized the first scientific and practical symposium with international participation, “World IBD Day: Ukraine 2019”, dedicated to diagnosing and treating inflammatory bowel diseases. The department staff organizes congresses of Ukrainian coloproctologists, meetings of the scientific society of surgeons of Kyiv and Kyiv region.