Department of Organization and Economy of Pharmacy

Scientific work


Responsible employee: AliekperovaNataliia, AssociateProfessor, PhD

Main directions of work: inaccordancewiththeresearchwork of the department«Theoreticalandpracticalbasis of standardizationsin thesphereofmedications’circulation and provisionofpharmaceuticalcarein Ukraine»

Thegoalofthisstudyisscientificgroundingforfurtherproduction-processoptimization, realization, drugsturnover, qualitycontrolofhealthcareproductsinaccordancewith the international pharmaceutical standards (Good practice (GxP) in the pharmaceutical industry).

Scientific work of employees of the department has been reflected in great deal of research paper publication, also in international speeches and domestic conferences.Since 2015 theemployees have prepared approximately 60articles, 8 of them have been published in journals that indexed in Scopus and Web of Science bases, above 70 theses, nearly20methodical recommendations,certificates of authorship andother copyright materials.

H- index:

onGoogleScholar – 28

onScopus – 3

on Web of Science – 1


Important scientific publication:

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  1. Kosyachenko K.,Sakhanda I.The main methods of treatment of cardiovascular diseases by medicinal plants. WiadomościLekarskie. 2018; LXXI (6): 1279-1283.(Scopus)

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  1. Panfilova H., Hala L., Simonian L., Tsurikova O., Gerush O., Bogdan N. The study of problems and prospects of the pharmacy network development in Ukraine in the context of changing approaches to the state regulation in the retail segment of the national pharmaceutical market. Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research. 2019. Vol. 9. № 3. P. 128–135.(Scopus)


The scientific potential of department consists of 1 Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science (professor KosyachenkoK.L.) and 9PhDin pharmaceutical sphere (assos. prof.Hala L.O., assos. profAliekperova N.V., assos. prof.Dovzhuk V.V., assos. prof.Sholoiko N.V.,assos. prof.Datsiuk N.O.,assos. prof.Eiben H.S.,assistantKonovalovaL.V., assistant Vorsovskyi О.L., аssistantKavraiskyi D.P.). Dissertation for obtaining of scientific degree Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science is being prepared now by assos. prof. Hala L.,  as well 3 PhD thesis – by assistant Kostiuk I.A., assistant HavryliukY.D.,postgraduatestudentHoncharА.O.