Department of Food Hygiene and Nutritiology

Public and educational activity


There are three directions of dicscipline educations activities held by the department:

  • Discipline education of students;
  • Consulting healthcare personnel;
  • Consulting and promoting hygiene with the population;

Discipline education of students.

A student scientific club, affiliated to the department, is organized by PhD, Associate Professor Bilko T.M.

The scientific club meetings are held every month. The issues to be discussed and studied are those referring to urgent problems of hygiene and ecology, healthy nutrition and psycho-nutrition. The department organizes internal conferences and round tables. Educational films are produced by the department, with the students directly participating. Last year two educational films with the medical-psychological students participating were made.

The department interacts with the students with poor academic record, determining the student risk groups according to attendance and achievements. These groups are additionally consulted by the department personnel.

Consulting healthcare personnel.The department tutors consult the healthcare personnel, covering basic issues of medical reform in professional journals, newspapers, reading the lectures dedicated to the theme. There have been published 10 articles. 9 lectures have been read for the physicians and auxiliary medical personnel.

  • Consulting and promoting important issues with the population. There department has appeared 21 times in TV programs and 7 times on radio regarding important hygienic issues, 25 articles have been published, 18 lectures read.  The department annually participates in 3-4 charity programs and volunteer projects, which promote the bases of healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition and prevention of most widespread environmentally-caused, stress-predisposed, professional and other diseases.