One of the strategic directions of the University’s development is the achievement of international standards of training of medical and scientific-pedagogical staff and integration into the European educational and scientific space on the basis of the Bologna Declaration.  NMU’s international activities are multifaceted and are aimed at establishing and developing of international relations and international cooperation of the institution in scientific, practical, educational and other fields by implementing organizational measures to form a circle of foreign partners, additional sources of financing, creating conditions for cooperation with foreign communities, educational and scientific institutions, international organizations, foundations.


 The University’s international activities are aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • acceleration of the process of integration of Bogomolets National Medical University in the international academic space with the conservation and further development of scientific achievements and their adoption in international programs and projects;
  • creating the conditions for further development and wide implementation of the principles and standards of the Bologna Process;
  • strengthening the position in the world and national markets of training services;
  • providing access to information sources of the best world experience in the field of organization of educational and research work, development of student self-government, establishment of effective interconnections with world achievements in the field of medicine and pharmacy, their effective use in educational-scientific activity and practice;
  • involvement of the University in international educational and research projects;

• use of international resources for the implementation of university education and research programs.