For registration on the International Credit Mobility program, it is required to fill in the form and add documents on-line. The list of the documents and registration form can vary in accordance with the types of program and submission details offered by each University-partner. More information will be given after announcing about a new Call for Applications.


 1. Application form (on-line registration, pdf, excel):

Personal info:

  • Photo;
  • Family name(s);
  • First name(s);
  • Date of Birth;
  • Place of Birth;
  • Sex;
  • Nationality/State Citizenship;
  • Permanent address;
  • Current address;
  • E-mail contact(s);
  • Phone;
  • Communication language(s);
  • Diploma/degree for which you are currently studying;
  • Number of higher education study years prior to departure abroad;
  • Have you already studied abroad? /At which institution?;
  • Work experience related to current study;
  • Briefly state the reasons why you wish to study abroad?;

Home University info:

  • Name of the University;
  • Full address;
  • Department and/or Institutional coordinator: Name of the coordinator;
  • E-mail;
  • Phone, fax;

Incoming University info:

  • Field of study;
  • Planned period of study: from month/year to month/year;
  • Academic year;
  • Duration of stay (months);
  • of expected ECTS credits (if applicable).

2. Passport or national identity document (notarized copy);

3.  Curriculum vitae following the EUROPASS model


4. Diploma and Diploma Supplements (notarized copy and translation);

5. Letter of recommendation (2 copies) in English or with notarized translation;

6. Official academic document (Transcript of Records) (for students of bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees). In the case of bachelor’s degree students, the certificate must evidence that applicants have completed their first year of university studies;

7. Certificate of enrolment (students) or position (academic or administrative staff) at their home institution;

8. Certificate of a command of languages;

9. Signed mobility proposal;

10. Letter of invitation (only for academic or administrative staff);

11. Letter of motivation;

12. In cases of economically or socially disadvantaged applicants, this must be accredited by providing the pertinent documents in their home country;

13. In the case of applicants with disabilities, applicants must upload the documents required to accredit said situation in their home country;

14. Declaration of compliance with tax and national insurance obligations in the matter of grants. This declaration must be signed by the applicant.