International Cooperation


The staff of the department participates in scientific research in accordance with agreements signed with international partners. Thus, in particular, in 2019 together with the lecturers of the Department of Methodology, Faculty of Humanities, Shumen University named after the Bishop Constantine Preslavski (Republic of Bulgaria) a research project “Technologies for improving the quality of educational purposes” was implemented. The results of the collaboration are recorded in publications in the collections of scientific articles.



The staff of the department  are regular participants at international scientific conferences and symposia. Within the framework of international cooperation, teachers improve their level of qualifications during teacher training sessions, gaining experience and disseminating information about the activities of the department in other countries.

International teacher training:


The Associate Professor N.V. Misnyk, Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Communication of Varna Medical University “Prof. Dr. ParaskevStoyanov ”, Republic of Bulgaria. Teacher training programme: “Methodology of foreign language teaching in English programmes at medical universities, research on the specificity of video course development for medical purposes”.


The Associate Professor V.V. Blidchenko-Naiko, a lecturer O.V. Chaika, Krakow, Poland. Teacher training programme: “Internationalization of education as a challenge for institutions of higher education: Ukrainian and Polish perspectives”.

The Associate Professor I.M.Ivanenko, Wloclawek, Poland. Teacher training programme: “Philological education as an integral part of the education system of Ukraine and EU countries”.


The lecturer O.V.Chaika.Teacher training at Slovenian company InterInteld.o.o. (Trubarjevacesta 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia). Teacher training programme: “The use of modern cloud information services in the process of encouraging future professionals to self-evaluate learning activities.”