Department of Public Health

Student scientific club

The Students’ Scientific Club is headed by the teaching assistant Liudmyla Ivanivna Artemchuk (tel. 044-236-01-22).


President of the Students’ Scientific Club is: the 5th year student of the medical faculty № 2 Anastasiya Anatoliyivna Grynzovska (tel. 095-362-04-91).


Vice president: 3d year student of the medical faculty №4 Sergiy Olegovych Lytvynov (tel.099-354-82-91).


The Students’ Scientific Club of the Social Medicine and Public Health Department has many years of history. The main targets of the activity of the club are identification of the talented student youth, stimulation of the young scientists to conduct independent scientific research, development of theoretical knowledge. During the years of the Club existence, approximately 1000 talented students were trained within the Students’ Scientific Club. The Club has played the important role in training of the future qualified personnel of the speciality of social-hygienists. Former participants of the Club are successfully working within many public health institutions of Ukraine and abroad. Many of them have written master’s and doctoral dissertations. During the different periods of existence of the Club, there were studying: Mr. Oleg Voronenko, Advisor on program issues of the representative office of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities in Ukraine; Mr. Yu.P. Reznikov, deputy head of Department of Foreign Students’ Training of the National Medical University, teaching assistant of the Pediatrics Department; Mrs. O.V. Gruzieva, Doctor of Philosophy, Assistant to Professor of Carolina Institute; Mrs. L.O. Lytvynova, associate professor of the Department of social medicine and public health; Mr. Ye.M. Zadorozhnyi, director general of the private enterprise “MEDVIN” and others.


Taking into consideration the traditions of the Students’ Scientific Club and importance of this form of education in the part of preparation of the future scientists and clinicians, a lot of time and work of the heads of the department and of employees responsible for scientific and educational work were traditionally dedicated to the work of the Students’ Scientific Club.


The heads of the Students’ Scientific Club of the department were the associate professor L.O. Lytvynova (2003-2009), professor L.I. Galiyenko (2009-2015), associate professor O.M. Donik (2015-2019). Every head of the Students’ Scientific Club shared his knowledge, considerable doctor’s and pedagogical experience while working with students-members of the club.


As a result of the hard work with the talented youth, there were victories of the members of the Club of the department at the II stage of the All Ukrainian Student Competition on Social Medicine (2015-2019), at the II round of the All Ukrainian Competition of the Students’ Scientific Research Papers (2015-2019) and in foreign scientific competitions, namely, in the Х International Scientific Conference of the young scientists (Lisabon, Portugal, 2015) – І prize,  International Competition of the students’ research papers (Wroclaw, Poland) within the framework of the Х Jubilee Days of Public Health – ІІ prize in 2017 and  І prize in 2018.


Approximately 20 students are annually trained in the Club. The meetings are held at the department every second Tuesday of the month at address: Kyiv, Politechnichna Str., 25/29, Students’ Hospital, 7th floor. Moreover, the Club members can get consultancy at the department regarding performance of the scientific works on constant basis, including in the on-line mode.


The work of the scientific club is arranged into the following streams: development of the public health system; reforms of the public health service systems; preventive treatment and forming of the healthy lifestyle of the population; grounding of the preventive programs and events; organization and management of public health service; development of the family practice, in-patient care, specialized medical care and medical care substituting in-patient care; use of the modern information technologies; planning and holding of the scientific research.


Members of the club are participants of the international and national scientific forums, take active part in the students’ conferences within department, in informative and educational events, etc.


Work in the scientific club contributes to increase of the level of knowledge of the students in terms of the academic subject “Social medicine, public health”, better understanding of biostatistics, involvement of students into scientific and research work in terms of “Social medicine, public health”.


Meetings of the Students’ Scientific Club at the Social Medicine and Public Health Department


The meeting on 20.01.2020 was devoted to “Stress and conflicts among students and ways of their overcoming”. During the speech and presentation, the senior lecturer of the department Mrs. S.V. Vlasenko emphasized the actuality of the topic due to the increase of level of suicides among students of the medical universities during the recent years.




On 07.12.2019 – the meeting was dedicated to the World AIDS Day. The speech was delivered by Mr. O.V. Zholobko, teaching assistant.




The meeting on 12.11.2019 was focused on the topic “Medical and social aspects of the diabetes mellitus: diabetes mellitus as the epidemic of the XXI century”. The report of the teaching assistant O.Ya. Antonyuk described the actuality of the topic at the global, regional and national levels.




The common meeting of the employees and members of the Students’ Scientific Club held on 15.10.2019 was dedicated to the 100 years anniversary since the birth of Professor O.A. Grandro. Head of the department, Professor T.S. Gruzieva, delivered a report about the life and scientific path of Oleksandr Abramovych Grando.





The subject of the meeting on 24.09.2019 was the reform of the public health service system in Ukraine. Teaching assistant M.M. Ionova focused in her report onto main streams of the reform within public health service system.




The meeting on 12.06.2019 was devoted to the topic “Major functions and tasks of the organizational and methodological section of the regional clinical perinatal center”. Teaching assistant O.V. Zholobko shared his experience of work as the head of the organizational and methodological section of Sumy regional clinical perinatal center in his report during the meeting.




The main focus of meeting on 15.05.2019 was on the problems of implementation of the insurance medicine in Ukraine. Associate professor V.B. Zamkevych in her report raised the major aspects of the medical insurance, peculiarities of the obligatory and voluntary medical insurance as well as experience of different countries of the world in terms of optimization of financing of public health service and protection of population from financial risks in the result of problems with health and need in public health service.





The meeting held on 10.04.2019 was dedicated to the World Health Day and to the All Ukrainian Week of Public Health, it was held in the form of scientific and practical seminar “Current problem of the public health and their consideration within the scope of the Word Health Days”. The head of the department, professor T.S. Gruzieva, made a report in which she told about the founding of the World Health Organization in 1950 and commemoration of the World Health Day as well as about the themes of every of these dates and their relation to the major health problems, about holding of the international scientific and practical conferences dedicated to the World Health Day at the Bogomolets National Medical University named after O.O. egional Bureau of the World Health Organization and specialists from many countries of the world.





The subject of the meeting of the club on 20.03.2019 was “The role of the statistical methods in studying of public health at the current stage”. Associate professor Mrs. L.O. Lytvynova reported about peculiarities and main problems of organization of studying of the health condition of the population in the world, Europe and Ukraine, drawing attention to the existing methods of evaluation of the results of functioning of the health care system, analysis of their correspondence to the modern requirements and IT capabilities in terms of identification of complex of indices of evaluation of health care system performance in Ukraine.




The meeting on 13.02.2019 was devoted to the theme “Strategy of health care of children in Ukraine”. Teaching assistant S.V. Vlasenko familiarized all participants of the venue with major aspects of health care of children in Ukraine.




The meeting on 16.01.2019 was focused onto the topic “Legal aspects of medicine”. Associate professor T.M. Kurylo made a report about application of methods of external and internal control of quality of medical service within health care institutions in Ukraine regardless their form of property and reporting.