Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No 1

Students’ scientific club


Student Research Group of the Obstetrics andGynaecology No.1 Department of NationalMedical University nom. O.O.Bohomolets


Supervisor: Reader Leush Sergiy  (067) 111 0218


Monitor: Brus Yuliana     (063) 176 2624


Clinical base and the meetings location:

  1. Predslavynska St., Perinatal center of Kyiv Department of obstetrics and gynaecology No1 16:00 the beginning time.

In March 2024 international student of group 8606a Ray Pankage Kumar took 3rd place in All-Ukraine Olympiad in obstetrics and gynecology.


The Student research group meeting of the obstetrics and gynecology department No1 takу place on both clinical bases: Kyiv Perinatal center (9, Predslavinska st.) and city Clinical Hospital №18 (17, Shevchenka blvd.). Both units have modern equipment for diagnostic and treatment procedures holding and demonstrations, including endoscopic surgery, ultrasound system and telemetric installations for fetal status monitoring. All equipment is certified according to the standards ISO.

Meetings aim to increase the level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students, as well as to perform scientific research. The group members have a possibility to analise clinical cases, observ labors and surgery, and then prepare reports on topical issues of obstetrics and gynecology, which are discussed on the meetings of the society. The Meetings are held twice a month.


Directions of scientific researches:


  1. Molecular mechanisms of homeostasis maintenance in the pregnant and the fetus.
  2. Clinical Pharmacology in



According to results of perfomed research three reports have been prepared to the April student scientific session of 2017, in the section “Reproductive age women health. Modern view on the problem”.


  • Kulebiakina Daryna with the report “Changes in the acid-base balance in the different periods of intrauterine human development” took second place.
  • Wowk Anastasia received the third award with presentation “Research Antiphospholipid antibodies in hypertonic disorders of “
  • Diploma for participation is marked by Chebotarenko Anton for the report on prospects for use nanoingeneric synthetic antimicrobial polypeptids in obstetrics (also prepared in the English).


“Changes the acid-base balance in the different periods of intrauterine human development” as abstract (Kulebiakina D.) published in “Ukrainian scientific medical youth journal, 2017-1 Special Edition (100).- p.123.

Favorable result of pregnancy in abnormal internal genitals, Bogadelnikova Kateryna, Petrosian Hanna.

Clinical case of anatomically normal fetus and incomplete molar pregnancy, Protsyk Maria, Riy Bohdan.


Propositions for the optimisation of Student Research Group work while remote education process continues.

  • Attract a students to participation in on-line conferences with the staff of the department.
  • Invite to joint implementation of scientific research (not new, but at the moment especially appropriate)
  • Create groups in social media applications(Viber, Telegram, What’s Up) for extraoffice


The first semi year Working plan on 2020-2021 yr.

24.09.20.    Organising day.

Information about Kyiv Perinatal Center.

08.10.20.    History and authority of Kysil society. Blood circulation changes at pregnancy beginning.

22.10.20.    History of department. Embryonal and fetal blood creation.

05.11.20.    Retroviral role in placental mammalians appearance.

19.11.20.    Placental functions: hormonal regulation and protective.
03.12.20.    Placental functions: gases and substances transfer.
17.12.20.    Haemostatic changes in pregnancy.
21.12.20.    Drugs during pregnancy and lactation.


The second semi year Working plan on 2020-2021 yr.

14.01.21.    Aneuploidy. Molar pregnancy.

28.01.21.    All-Ukrainian conference “An Interest cases in clinical medicine”

11.02.21.    Blood coagulation in pregnant.

25.02.21.    The results of on-line competition in obstetrics and gynecology.

11.03.21.    Clinical fibrynolisis in pregnant.

25.03.21.    Complications of medicamental therapy in pregnant.

08.04.21.    Teratogenic influence of medicines.

22.04.21.    Orphanic diseases in pregnant.