Department of pathophysiology



Scientific supervisor of the club: Ziablitsev Serhii  Volodymyrovych, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.


Group monitor:

Prohonyuk Alina, student’s leader, student of the 4th year of the Medical Faculty №1.


Phone: +380937063031













Student scientific group department of pathophysiology has a great history. There were kept and presented documents about scientific group of the date 1973-1974. Register of 1975 year was also kept when student Repetska Anna was as reporter in the meeting. Now she works in the department of pathophysiology.

Club topics: Mechanisms of pathology of organs and systems.

Club meetings: The meeting is held 1-2 times a month at the address:

34 Peremohy Ave., NMU, Physics-chemical building, 4th floor.


Collaboration with other clubs: On February 25, 2020, a joint meeting with the Department of Pharmacology was held to discuss the current problems of diabetes.