Goals and primary targets

Bologna Declaration,
Prague Communiqué,
Berlin Conference,
Bergen Communiqué,
London Communiqué,
1999 (30 countries)
2001 (33 countries)
2003 (40 countries)
2005 (45 countries, incl. Ukraine)
2007 (46 countries)
  • single system of credits of workload, education as a tool to support students’ mobility (ECTS);
  • system of clear and compatible scientific degrees;
  • system of training based on two educational degrees (Bachelor, Master);
  • contribution to mobility of students, teachers, researchers and administrative personnel;
  • development of European Cooperation in Quality Assurance, development of appropriate quality criteria and methods; and
  • development, formation of European Higher Education Area until 2010

The non-participating European countries as of 2007 : Byelorussia, Gibraltar, Monaco, San Marino and Channel Islands