Official documents of Bologna process

1. Magna Charta Universitatum; Bologna, 18, September, 1988

2. The Lisbon Convention ( Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region, Lisbon, 11, April, 1997 )

3. The Sorbonne Declaration ( Joint Declaration On Harmonization Of The Architecture Of The European Higher Education System )

4. The Bologna Declaration ( Joint declaration of the European Ministers of Education, Bologna, 19, April, 1999)

5. The Prague Communiqué (“ Towards the European Higher Education Area ” Communiqué of the meeting of European Ministers in charge of Higher. Education ; Prague, 19, May, 2001)

6. The Salaman Appeal (Message by Salaman Congress of European Higher Schools “Formation of European Higher Education Space”)

7. The Berlin Communiqué (“Realizing the European Higher Education Area” Communiqué from meeting of ministers of education; Berlin, 19, September, 2003)

8. The Bergen Communiqué (“ The European Higher Education Area – Achieving the Goals”, Communiqué of the Conference of European Ministers Responsible for Higher Education

9. The London Communiqué (“ Towards the European Higher Education Area: responding to challenges in a globalised world” Conference Communiqué

10. The Glasgow Declaration (“Strong Universities for a Strong Europe”) Declaration by European association of Universities; Brussels, 15, April, 2005)

11. The Lisbon Declaration ( Europe’s Universities beyond 2010: Diversity with a Common Purpose, Brussels, 13, April, 2007)

12. Leuven and Louvain-la-Neuve Communiqué (The Bologna Process 2020 – The European Higher Education Area in the new decade” Communiqué of Conference

13. The Bologna Follow-up Group (“Towards the European Higher Education Area – An Integrated Program for 2007-2009)

14. The Budapest-Vienna Declaration (“On the European Higher Education Area”, 12, March, 2010)

15. The Bucharest Communiqué (“ Making the Most of Our Potential”)