Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

History of the Department

History of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases of the Kyiv Medical Institute is closely linked with the history of paediatrics in Ukraine. Since the moment of creation of the independent Department of Children’s Diseases in 1889 in Kyiv University teaching on children’s infectious diseases was performed at the departments of Paediatrics.

The question on arrangement of the separate Department of Paediatric Infectious Diseases arose after re-evacuation of Kyiv Medical Institute from Chelyabinsk after the end of the Great Patriotic War in 1945. Before this teaching of children’s infectious diseases was conducted in the departments of Paediatrics of the Medical and Sanitary-Hygienic faculties. The Decree at the Institute level on the Establishment of the Department dated September – October 1945.

As the first head of the Department was appointed Prof. F. D. Rumyantsev, but official term of the Department – January 1946. This year, head of the Department was appointed the Associate Professor O.V. Cherkasov. Before the department was established teaching of infectious diseases in children had been performed at the Department of Paediatrics of the Medical and Sanitary-Hygienic Faculties. O.V. Cherkasov was Head of the Department up to 1971. In 1971, until 1983 (12 years) the Department was headed by professor P. S. Moschych, later the Professor L. A. Trishkova (1983-1994), and since 1994, up to the present time the Head of the Department is headed by the Professor S. O. Kramariov. 


O. V. Cherkasov, the wonderful teacher laid the foundation for technical work of Paediatric Infectious Diseases. In the period of establishing of the department the staff has made a lot of efforts in creating the training-methodical basis for teaching the said discipline. A lot of work has been made to systematize teaching disciplines, the methodical guidelines have been created in all nosological forms of diseases, the methodological principles of teaching disciplines have been laid, practical skills have been clearly developed, that students have to learn.

O.V. Cherkasov supervised over the Department during 1946-1971



The scientific work of the department is conducted on the problem “Pediatric infectious diseases, and control against them”. The medical-protective regimen for scarlet fever has been developed, which reduces the number of complications, and the expediency of using SAC to prevent its complications has been proved.

During pertussis, low effectiveness was shown, using adopted at the time the method of treatment with monovalent vaccine, the expediency of use for the therapeutic purpose of heterogeneous homoglobulin, the changes of blood, immunobiological shifts and their diagnostic value in this disease have been studied and proved.

At the department the issues of bacterial carrier of diphtheria bacillus, dysentery were developed. For the early diagnosis of dysentery, TPHA is proposed, the criteria for recovery from dysentery have been given. The complex researches of a condition of cardiovascular system at poliomyelitis, scarlet fever, pertussis, typhoid fever in children have been carried out. 

The employees of the Department have developed the methods of diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis in children. First in the country immunological background of severe forms of viral hepatitis in children, exchange trace elements in this pathology had been studied, the methods of its adjustment had been proposed.

Developed new ways of therapy of the viral hepatitis have been protected by copyright certificates. Reasons for severe forms of viral hepatitis have been found, schemes of therapy have been made. It was the first time when during the complex treatment the domestic inhibitor of proteolysis, amben was applied. 


Professor P.S. Moschych supervised over the Department during 1971-1983


Effectiveness of the derivative of pyrimidine base (Potassium Salt of Orotic Acid) had been tested, the impact of the agent on protein metabolism had been estimated, Ampevit new medication had been applied.

Scientific theme of the Department on intestinal infections had been included into sectoral scientific-technical program in the field of medicine. Method of treatment of pathological states involving ICE syndrome had been developed, the authorisation of innovation proposal developed had been received concerning the way of normalization of haemostasis in the development of ICE syndrome. The method of treatment of antibiotic-resistant forms of the Salmonella infection, along with the way of diagnostics of rotavirus infections in children had been developed. Practical training performance is very close to the process of work of district doctor. The system of teaching involves development level of knowledge starting with the clinical symptomatology of diseases on the 5th course to solving complex problems of correct diagnosis, differential diagnosis, the ability to resolve the issue of the need for hospitalization of the patient, ability to provide necessary assistance at the prehospital stage, performance of the anti-epidemic measures

Professor l. Trishkova headed the Department since 1983 up to1994.


Under the scientific editorship of the professors of the Department the textbook for students “Infectious Diseases in Children” has been published, which are in demand not only among students, but also among medical practitioners. The Children’s Infection Department of Zhovtneva Hospital for 80 beds, where patients with various nosological forms depending on the needs of health care sphere in the postwar years had been treated. Sergii Oleksandrovich Kramariov, born in 1954, M.S.D., Professor, Honorary Physician of Ukraine, has headed the department since 1994 up to the present time. In 1960, the department was located on the base of the Kyiv City Children’s Hospital for Infectious Diseases. For the purpose of teaching the Infectious Department of the Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 2. in Kyiv has been also used.

Sergei Oleksandrovich Kramariov, born in 1954, M.S.D., Professor, Honorary Physician of Ukraine, has headed the department since 1994 up to the present time.

Since the moment of the establishment of the Department its first professors were Associate Professors: E. T. Gorodetskaya, V. N. Zagreblovska; assistants: M. P. Viktorova, A.Ye. Sachenko, F. N. Kovalenko. Over the years, the staff of the Department has been expanded and nowadays at the department there are 2 professors, 2 associate professors, 9 assistants, 6 of which are Candidates of Medical Sciences, 3 – young assistants, who in the process of preparing their Candidate’s dissertations for defense. Teaching of the study course on children infectious diseases is conducted during two years, for the students of 5th and 6th years of study. Students pass through the state exam in Paediatrics for the Specialization with children’s infectious diseases.

In many regions of Ukraine there are the graduates of the Institute who are heads of the departments children’s infectious diseases. For many years the staff of the Department carry out the practical supervision of paediatric and infectious services in Ukraine. For the time of functioning of the Department Prof. O. V. Cherkasov, and then Prof. P.S. Moschych had an offices of the Chief Pediatricians of the Ministry of Health of USSR, for more than 10 years the Associate Professor, S. O. Bohatyriova took an office as the Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on children’s infectious pathology. As for today, Prof. S. O. Kramaiov has an office as the Chief Expert on Childhood Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Under his leadership the great number of conferences in cities and regions of Ukraine on topical problems of children’s infectious pathology have been conducted, issued by the instructive and informative letters. The entire staff of the Department perform refusal-free medical advisory work with health authorities. The Department is the supporting body at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the issues of generalization and implementation of more advanced experience and the development of new forms of improvement of the new practical training of students and doctors. The department staff also provided international aid. Prof. L. A. Trishkova, being as an assistant of the Department, has performed a business trip through the Red Cross Society of the USSR in the Republic of Somalia. Awarded by the Honor of the Society “For the help rendered to the population of Somalia suffered from the flood”. Assistant Professor at M. N. Viktorova worked in MNR.

The main scientific problem which the staff of the Department faces is “Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Fight against Them”. In scientific research the topical issues of children’s infectious pathology are developed. During the existence of the Department 3 doctoral dissertations have been defended: the dissertation work performed by Ye. T. Horodetska – “Clinical and immunologic characteristics of viral hepatitis in children”, L. O. Trishkova – “Clinical and імунологічним properties of viral hepatitis in children”, S. O. Крамарєвим – “Clinical and pathogenetic importance of hemostasis system and biologically active substances in the presence of acute intestinal infections in children of early age”. 5 candidate dissertations have been performed and defended. The most significant scientific achievements were introduced into practice of health care. In case of viral hepatitis the following medications: Amben, Potassium Orotate, Ampevit have been protected by copyrights of the invention. Research topic on intestinal infections has been included into international sectoral scientific-technical program in Ukraine. The members of the Department have developed the method of treatment of the pathological states involving ICE syndrome, the relevant patentsand copyright certificates have been received for the research development of the way on normalization hemostasis in the presence of ICE syndrome, its diagnostics (S. O. Kramariov, V. O. Doroshenko), as well as for the method of treatment viral hepatitis in children (prof. L. O. Trishkova, method of treatment of Diphtheria (S. O. Kramariov, O.O. Voronov), antibiotic-resistant forms of salmonellosis in children (O.V. Korbut), diagnostics method of rotavirus infection in children (L. O. Palatna), method of diphtheria treatment in children (S. O. Kramarev, O.O. Voronov).

For the last 10 years at the Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases 10 monographs, 14 methodical recommendations, reference sheets have been published, 9 copyright certificates and patents have been obtained. 1 doctorate, 8 candidate dissertations have been defended. At the Department Students’ Scientific Coterie has been deployed. Most employees of the department are from this scientific coterie of the Department. Within the members of Students’ Scientific Coterie L. O.Trishkova, S. O. Kramariov have been promoted up to the grew to the Department Professors. S. O. Bohatyriova, N.G. Litvinenko, V. O. Doroshenko have become Assistant Professors. The former members of Students’ Scientific Coterie today are employed by other Departments of our University, as well as in other specialized medical and scientific research institutes of Ukraine.

Staff of the Department is distinguished by its active participation in public life of the University. Nowadays, the employees of the Department are engaged in issues of development of teaching in higher education, providing a high level of quality of medical care to children having infectious diseases.