Informational reference

  • In 2016 University celebrates the 175th anniversary since its establishment, 135th birthday of academician O.O. Bohomolets and anniversary since foundation of O.A. Kysil SSS, 125th birthday of M.O. Bulgakov and 205th birthday of professor V.O. Karavayev.
  • The Supervisory Board of O.O. Bohomolets NMU is headed by Chairman in Committee of Taras Shevchenko National Prize, public leader, doctor, writer, publicist, politician, professor Yuriy Scherbak.
  • The official history of the establishment started in 1841 when the medical faculty was established at Saint Volodymyr Emperor University in Kyiv. Famous personalities and scientific pedagogical schools were the pride and authority at all stages in development of University.
  • The following world-known scientists studied and worked at University: V.O. Bets, O.P. Walter, V.O. Karavayev, V.P. Obraztsov, F.G. Yanovskyy, M.I. Krymov, M.V. Sklifosovskyy, M.D. Strazhesko, O.V. Korchak-Chepurkivskyy, O.O. Bohomolets, L.V. Gromashevskyy, V.A. Subbotin, famous personalities – Enlightener Luka (V.F. Voyno-Yasenetskyy), Laureate of Nobel Prize, world-known cardiologist Ye.I. Chazov, academicians – M.M. Amosov, A.P. Romodanov, Ye.G. Goncharuk, writers M.O. Bulgakov, V.I. Korotych, doctor-cosmonaut O.Yu. Atkov.
  • We honored the memory and installed the memorial plaque to the famous scientist-hematologist, public leader, professor, Doctor of Medicine, corresponding member in AS of UkrSSR, Rector in O.O. Bohomolets Kyiv Medical institute (1970-1984) Semen Semenovych Lavryk.
  • The memorial plaque in honor of warrior in battalion “Aydar” Volodymyr Yurychko was opened on the administrative building of University, the interuniversity Volodymyr Yurychko volleyball tournament was launched, lecture hall No 4 in morphological building has the name of Volodymyr Yurychko and the best students of University became the laureates and received Volodymyr Yurychko personal scholarship already for two times in succession.
  • In 2015 O.O. Bohomolets NMU was the first one among medical higher schools in Ukraine that passed through certification on quality management according to requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008 and received the international quality certificate.
  • Today University is first of all the highly professional scientific pedagogical collective, one of the most powerful in higher medical school of Ukraine that takes the VIII place among HM(P)S of Ukraine according to the rating by project UNESCO “TOP-200 UKRAINE”.
  • University was the first one in the state that transferred to the training of doctors due to the new methodology – European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and already in 2011 awarded its graduates with the unique international educational document – Diploma Supplement – Annex to diploma of European pattern, which over 3,000 graduates received in 2011-2016.
  • University unites 10 faculties and 87 departments, 2 Scientific Research Institutes, Educational Scientific Center – Ukrainian Training Center of Family Medicine, Institute of Postgraduate Education.
  • Over 1,200 teachers work at the establishment, among them 29 academicians and corresponding members in state academies, among them 2 academicians in NAS of Ukraine, 5 academicians in NAMS of Ukraine and 1 academician in NAPS of Ukraine and 5 corresponding members in NAPS of Ukraine, 18 academicians in ASHE of Ukraine, 15 academicians in Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 1 academician in Ukrainian EAS, 1 academician in Ukrainian Academy of Economical Cybernetics, 1 academician in Engineering Academy of Ukraine, 228 Doctors of Science, among them 163 professors, 968 Candidates of Science, 408 assistant professors.
  • O. Bohomolets NMU is the coordinator for works on implementation of principles from Bologna process among HMS of Ukraine.
  • Approximately 14 thousands students, postgraduate students, resident medical practitioners, master, doctors (pharmacists) – interns study at University, including over 1,500 foreign students from 64 countries all over the world.
  • During its existence the university trained over 85 thousands specialists, including over 3,000 foreign citizens from 68 countries. The pupils of the establishment work in each fourth country all over the world and in all regions of Ukraine. Each fourth doctor and pharmacist in Ukraine is a graduate from NMU.
  • Every year approximately 1,300 graduates from university replenish the establishments of national health care system and foreign countries, approximately 500 graduates, who studied due to the state order, receive the direction for employment at primary link of health care, including country side.
  • University has 8 academic buildings, lecture halls for over 2.8 thousands places, library with internet center, 28 computer classrooms, student quarter and 6 hostels, 2 public catering centers, health and recreation resort for 75 places, sports and health camp “Medic”, where students have a rest during summer free of charge.
  • Dental medical center for 300 chairs is one of the most powerful in Europe; every year approximately 300 thousands visitors attend the center.
  • 8 specialized scientific councils on defense of Doctor’s and Candidate’s dissertations due to 17 specialties function at the establishment. In 2015 we trained 19 Doctors and 79 Candidates of Sciences, among them 8 Doctor’s and 47 Candidate’s dissertations were defended at specialized councils of the establishment.
  • In 2015 NMU with Hirsch index as 24 is at the 16th place in rating of higher schools in Ukraine (as of 22, December, 2014 it took the 17th place with Hirsch index as 23).
  • The Scientific Coordination Council, the new Provisions about which were approved by the Rector’s Order, dd. 26.05.2015, functions at University.
  • The specialists of University made over 9 thousands reports, including more than 2.5 thousands at international forums; published approximately 10 thousands articles, including 2 thousands in foreign special editions.
  • The clinical departments of university are located in 142 bases, where 8.4 thousands beds are deployed, every year approximately 150 thousands patients are treated, up to 70 thousands operative interferences are performed, and 15 thousands babies are delivered.
  • The material and technical provision of the establishment is constantly improved. Over 1,400 computers are used in educational process that corresponds to the standards from Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport and MHC of Ukraine and is the best index in industry.
  • The establishment concluded 37 agreements with international and foreign organizations, is the co-founder of Interuniversity center of science and cooperation in countries of Southern and South-Eastern Europe (Italy), East European network of universities (Poland), participant in 27 educational 49 scientific international projects.
  • Together with Karolinska Institute (Sweden) we implement the educational scientific program on training of young scientists. University actively cooperates with WHO and ERB of the World Health Organization.
  • University is the co-contractor in EU project TEMPUS “Modernization of pre-graduate medical education in countries of Eastern partnership”.
  • Together with Lanzhou University (PRC) and Gansu University of traditional Chinese medicine we implement the educational scientific programs for training of young scientists.
  • NMU was the first among HMS of the country that was included into Consortium of universities on issues of global health care.
  • According to Agreement about cooperation with health care Department in Gansu province (c. Lanzhou, PRC) 11 doctors from folk hospitals in large cities in Gansu province and clinics of university of Chinese medicine passed through probation at NMU.
  • The significant attention is paid to development of students’ self-government, spirituality and all-round education of future specialists. According to the new Law of Ukraine “About higher education” the students of University developed and approved the Conference of students (19.03.2015), the new Provision “About students’ self-government at O.O. Bohomolets NMU”. The conference of students through direct secret voting elected the chairman in Students’ Parliament and chairmen in Students’ Councils of faculties (06.11.2015).
  • The international cultural center of NMU, which unites 22 collectives of amateur art activities, including 7 folk ones, actively functions.
  • At NMU approximately 2 thousands students are engaged in 19 sports clubs, famous sportsmen – winners in World and European championships, record-breakers in Guinness book study.
  • The multiple-aspect activity of the establishment is described in web portal of NMU in three languages, university newspaper “Medical cadres”.
  • O. Bohomolets NMU is a repeat winner in Ukrainian rating of HMS in Ukraine, international exhibitions of educational establishments, at which 29 golden medals were received in 2005-2016 in succession. The establishment was awarded with honorary titles “Leader of modern education”, “Leader in establishment of modern learning means”, “Leader of national education”.