History of the faculty

The first foreign students enter the Kyiv Medical Institute in 1961. Near thirty-three citizens of the GDR (Germany) began studying at specialized faculties, which later contributed to the establishment of the Faculty for Foreign Citizens (1965).

In 1980, near 680 citizens from more than 70 countries studied at the educational institution. Talented boys and girls was from nineteen Asian countries, thirty-one African countries, ten European countries and thirteen Latin American countries.

The institute has clinical residents and graduate students – specialists of the highest qualification for foreign countries.

Since 1987, scientific and practical conferences of teachers and students have been systematically organized. Foreign students from Asia, Africa and Latin America take an active part in national and international conferences.


After some time, the number of people willing to take entrance exams is increasing and usually entrants have a high level of knowledge. The result of the searching the best entrants was the introduction in 1988 of the second written exam – in physics.

In 1989, the obligatory attestation of first-year foreign students was introduced, and specialized classrooms with optimal conditions for mastering practical skills were created at the departments.

Since 1989, the internship has organized training in therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, traumatology and pediatrics, as well as other narrow specialties. For the first time, 60 graduates, including foreign nationals, are studying at the institute’s clinical bases in internships in internal and chronic diseases, pediatrics, pediatric surgery, otorhinolaryngology, anesthesiology.

In 1991, among the graduates of the National Medical University 32 citizens of foreign countries: Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Congo, Jordan, Nigeria, Morocco, Israel.

Since 1992, the University has been enrolling foreign students on contract terms. Documents for the contractual form of study and residence of foreign citizens in Bogomolets Medical University were developed, taking into account the experience of other medical universities in Ukraine and the world.


In 1992, to the countries whose citizens receive a diploma of the Bogomolets National Medical University, Kuwait, Sudan, Mauritania, Jamaica, Bolivia, Panama, Poland, Germany, Sri Lanka are added.

In 1993, foreigners from Cameroon, the United States, Iraq and Portugal received their diplomas for the first time.

In 1994, 102 students became graduates of the Faculty of training foreign citizens. Citizens of India, Sweden and Egypt join the ranks of foreigners with higher education in “Medical Affairs”, “Dentistry” and “Sanitation”.


In 1995, an Afghan citizen received his first medical degree.


Since the beginning of 1999, entrants have been interviewing in Ukrainian language, biology, physics and chemistry.


In 2003, 4 foreign graduates received their first degree in Pharmacy.


In 2004, an English-language form of education for foreign nationals was launched.

In 2009/2010 academic year 217 people were enrolled in the University: 129 at the Medicine faculty (29 people in English), 75 at the Dentistry faculty (22 people in English) and 13 at the Pharmacy faculty.


In 2010, for the first time, the number of foreign nationals exceeded two hundred and amounted to 202 people. In the same year, English-language specialists were graduated, and for the first time, the names of the three best graduates – foreign citizens – were entered in the Bogomolets National Medical University Book of Honor.


Today at the Faculty of training foreign citizens education is conducted in Ukrainian or English in the following specialties:

221 “Dentistry”: training period – 5 years;

222 “Medicine”: term of study – 6 years;

226 “Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy”: term of study – 5 years.


The formation of academic groups takes into account the variability of the contingent of foreign students by nationality, social and religious characteristics, differences in educational level and motivation to study. Much attention is paid to individual work with students and control over the conditions of their living in the dormitory. Highly qualified teaching staff of the University shares their experience and knowledge with foreign students.


Practical skills of students are provided by 58 clinical departments of Bogomolets National Medical University, located at 157 clinical bases in the treatment and prevention facilities of the Kyiv City Health Department, medical institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and departmental subordination.

Dental Medical Center is a powerful educational and medical institution, the main clinical base of the Dentistry faculty  and the Dentistry department of the Institute of Postgraduate Education. Students have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest digital laboratories that print navigation templates, temporary orthopedic structures, 3D models of patients with deformities and defects of the jaws. Such laboratories are the most powerful among the state medical institutions of Ukraine.