Obligations of the Resident of the hostel

1. A resident of the hostel must:

1.1.   Use the bed, property, utility rooms, common areas exclusively for its intended purpose and on equal rights with other residents.

1.2.   Pay for settlement  the equivalent rate of the NBU on the day of payment for one bed-place for at least a month in advance. If a resident has not paid the specified amount within 10 calendar days of the current month for the next, the NMU has the right to terminate the Contract, evict the resident for failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

1.3.   Be instructed, follow the “Internal regulations in the student dormitories of the NMU”, “Fire safety rules”, “Rules for the operation of electrical appliances, household, radio equipment”, “Rules for the use of electric and gas equipment”, “Rules for the use of elevators”, “Internal regulations for all categories of persons who study at the NMU”.

1.4.  Pass a medical examination at the student clinic.

1.5.  Hand over to the head of the hostel the warrant and one signed copy of the Agreement for settlement in the hostel.

1.6.  Ensure the presence of duplicate keys to the room and the unit at the head of the hostel, and in case of their absence or replacement of the lock, to hand over the corresponding duplicate in 5 days.

1.7.  To adhere to such rules: Entrance to the hostel is allowed only upon presentation of the pass from 6:00 to 24:00 freely. Exit and entrance from 24:00 to 6:00 is carried out with a record in a special journal of the hostel duty with the reasons.

1.8.  Visitors have the right to stay in the hostel from 8:00 to 23:00. The Resident must personally meet the visitor at the entrance, leave his pass on duty at the hostel, to ensure the provision to the duty of the document proving the identity of the visitor, as well as to ensure the leave of the visitor from the hostel, seeing him\her to pass the exit no later than 23:00. Responsibility for the timely exit of visitors from the hostel and their compliance with internal regulations rests with residents, who have invited them.

1.9.  To provide access to the residential unit and living rooms to the persons specified in hostel contract.

1.10. To take care of the provided property, which is on the balance of the NMU, economically use water, gas, electricity and heat.

1.11. To submit applications timely for repair of electrical, plumbing equipment and furniture.

1.12. To keep the room, unit and common areas in good condition (clean and tidy).

1.13. To take part in the improvement and gardening of the territory adjacent to the hostel, protection of green spaces, equipment, repairing and proper maintenance of sports and playgrounds, as well as in small public works, including in conduct of sanitary days (representatives of the Student Council of the hostel have the right to EXPRESS their opinion on the feasibility of such works).

1.14. To report about all incidents in the hostel immediately to the head of the hostel.

1.15. At the end of training or in other cases of termination of the Agreement (clause 5.2), hand over the property, equipment, taking into account normal wear and tear that was in use, and a room in a suitable condition for living (if necessary, with a cosmetic repair) and move out of the hostel no later than 3 (three) days from the date of the relevant order or instruction.

1.16. When carrying out current or emergency repairs, when re-equipping residential areas in the hostel, to vacate the premises, pick up belongings and move to another room provided by the NMU.

1.17. Household garbage after yourself carefully to take out in the garbage bin, to be on duty in the kitchen on schedule, to clean up.

1.18. In case of loss of pass, obtained to enter the residence, to make a payment to the NMU in an amount of 50 UAH for a replica.

1.19. Timely to pay for additional services, which are used by the Resident.

1.20. To warn the head of the hostel (commandant) when leaving the hostel for a long time (more than 5 days).


The Resident is prohibited

  • to move from one room to another without permission;
  • to redo and transfer inventory and furniture from one room to another;
  • arbitrarily to carry out repairs, alterations and correction of electrical wiring in the rooms, replace the door lock without the permission of the head of the hostel;
  • to make noise, as well as including television, computer and radio, audio equipment at a volume that exceeds the sound insulation of the room and which complicates the work and rest of the residents of other rooms, blocks;
  • to break the silence from 22:00 to 07:00 hours;
  • to hold mass events in the hostel without the written permission of the head of the hostel;
  • to keep pets;
  • to perform actions leading to violation of sanitary and hygienic condition;
  • to perform other actions that are contrary to the current legislation of Ukraine.

In case of detection of violation of the above rules of internal regulations in dormitories for the first time – comments and warnings are made to the student. When re-fixing the violation – the student receives a reprimand. The presence of two reprimands for the period of one academic year is the basis for refusal to provide a bed in the hostel for the next year. Upon receipt of the third reprimand – the student is subject to early termination of this Agreement and eviction from the hostel.


 Gross violations of the Rules of internal regulations in the hostel is considered to be:

  • storage, use of additional electrical devices of power consumption, which are not provided by the design and calculation standards (electric kettle, electric heater, boiler, microwave oven, extension wire without fuse, multi-cooker, etc.);
  • entering, storing, use and implementation of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, toxic, explosive substances; stay in a hostel in a condition of alcoholic, toxic or narcotic intoxication; can be applied: the photographic images, Drager or preparation of the report (the three witnesses);
  • smoking (including hookah, iqos, etc.) in the living and working rooms and on the campus;
  • housing strangers after 23:00 and overnight without written permission of the head of the hostel;
  • ignoring the requirements of employees of the security service, the University Administration, the head of the hostel, representatives of the Student Council, the guards;
  • unauthorized processing of electrical equipment in living rooms;
  • intentional material damage to the equipment, furniture, equipment and premises of the hostel;
  • hooliganism, which may cause physical injury and material damage to residents and employees of the hostel.

In case of detection of a single gross violation of the Agreement for settlement in a hostel with a student, the agreement is terminated prematurely, the student must be evicted from the hostel within 3 days with the prohibition of re-settlement during the current or subsequent academic years.

All violations of the terms of the Agreement or settlement, internal regulations are considered and decisions are made at meetings of the Student Council.

The Protocol of decision of the Student Council of the hostel or a separate presentation from the head of the hostel is submitted to the Dean of the relevant faculty for approval.