Since 2011 Bogomolets National medical university takes part in realization of international project TEMPUS “ Modernizing Undergraduate Medical Education in the EU Eastern Neighboring Area (MUMEENA)” within program TEMPUS EACEA 32/2010. Project No 516664-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPCR. English site of project is at the addresshttp://www.mumeena.eu/index.html

The project for 36 months with participation of four European medical schools, six higher schools and three institutions (National Ministries and agencies of accreditation) from three countries-partners (10.2011-10.2014). Countries-participants: Great Britain (c. Leeds), the Netherlands (c. Utrecht), Spain ( Granada) and Italy (c. Milan), Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The general purpose of project is to assist to improve the pre-graduation medical education in countries-partners, in particular in Ukraine, to provide with its conformity to principles and purposes of Bologna process and international standards within integration of Ukrainian medical education into Uniform European educational space.

Special purposes of project

  • Establishment and update of standards for higher medical education
  • Modernization of integrated curriculum for training of doctors at pre-graduate stage in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine through improvement of existing and implementation of new pedagogical, academic and assessment approaches within certain disciplines and modules (samples) (on example of social medicine; geriatrics (medicine of senior citizens); early mastering clinical thinking and clinical skills; formation of skills for scientific researches) according to international standards AMEE/WFME.
  • Professional development of teaching staff through establishment of Centers on training of teachers in each partner country to provide with stable infrastructure for modernization process.
  • Distribution of model for modernization of medical education among other Eastern Partnership Countries.


Directions of project:

  • Update of branch standards for higher education according to modern approaches in Uniform European educational space.
  • Modernization of curriculum
  • Early implementation of practical classes on development of clinical thinking (Case Based Clinical Reasoning)
  • Advanced study of gerontology (establishment and implementation of integrated open-ended program on study of gerontology and geriatrics).
  • Teaching students with methodology of scientific work, development of research skills in future doctors (Open Box)
  • New philosophy to master practical skills by students.
  • Establishment and functioning the training center for teachers


Participants in project: consortium of medical universities in Great Britain (Institute of medical education at University in c. Leeds, Italy (Catholic University of the Holiest Heart of Jesus, c. Milan), Spain (Granada University), the Netherlands (Medical faculty in University in c. Utrecht), Ukraine (Bogomolets National medical university, Ivano-Frankivsk national medical university), Testing Center at MHC of Ukraine (Ukraine), Georgia (Tbilisi state medical university), Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan state medical university, Nakhichevan state university).